Capacity Building and Institutional Cooperation in Hydrogeology with MRRD with Faryab as Pilot Province

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Project ending 31.12.2015. Documents available

National GIS conference at MRRD

Key target for training course participants for reached!

Andreas finishing last courses. Close to 20 courses he made under the NORAD project

Faryab Study in International IAH Congress in Rome

GW Conference follow-up meeting at MEW .

New Project Vehicle received ( se news)

85 web visitors per day- see details

National Groundwater Conference

Membrane filtration testing in progress at MRRD and in the field

Hon. Minister Durrani, MRRD briefed about project, discussed future activities.

Membrane fintration tests at MRRD. Exciting results with Sky Juice

Norwegian Minister Brende (MFA) given project rapport

First Well logger commissioning tests

Well logger rebuild ready use attesting
logger vehicle.

Quality Control workshop for laboratories

Training on Practical use of GIS Maps

Database over training courses and participants

Annual Meeting MRRD-NORAD 2014

Data management training, Access, photos

First photos from exploratry drilling

RuWatSIP new Web Page!

Training ArcGIS on-line utility for maps

First Web-Maps
now online

Exploratory drilling in progress in Faryab

Good training

Training of water testing using field kits started 7th Sept.

2nd Course in WASH O&M completed 21st Aug 14

ArcGIS Intermediate course completed Aug14

Landowners signing allowing MRRD to drill in Faryab. July14 -more

M.Sc. Solar Stills completed Cecilie Kolstad

2nd key hydrogeological survey course delivered. June14

ANSA: Lab QC started

Test-pumping course with good practicals

Visit Norway and Annual Meeting for CBIC projet

Draft Hydrogeological ATLAS published

Lab Quality Control Meeting, ANSA

Dir. Qader, opening training review workshop

David Heywood, COWI undertaking project mid-term review

More that 200 now trained

TC_1.10 Well construction and test pumping, Kabul

R&D Solar Stills

TC 2.5 in well construction in Mazaar

Training course in Well Design, Dec. 13

Training course in Cartography, Dec13

MEW groundwater planning workshop 4th Dec 13. Photos and seee brief on news.

Travel report Faryab November 2013

Geophysical field survey in good progress in Faryab

Training course in Well Hydraulics no.1.5 started 7.10.13

Course participants (TC 1.3)shown drilling demo by MEW

Training course 1.3 on Well Drilling Method at MRRD with 43 participants, photos

Training videos now on

Planning Provincial Hydrogeolgical survey course sept13

Training Social Organizaion (5.4) held by DACAAR , Sep 13, photos

Deputy team leader visit Norway in August - photos-

Draft Hydrogeological Survey Mapping Methodology now ready as first draft.


6th and 7th training courses held covering ArcGIS, ( Database & Spacial Analysis) Photos

Excitement about ordered geophysical logger. Photos

5th traing course
GPS and Water quality tests in tfield. Course in Maymane

4th traing course
GIS for hydrogeologists, photos

3rd Training course
laboratory Quality Control . photos


    -Afghanistan Engineer's Association joined Key line Ministries led by MEW, MRRD. MAIL, MOM and MUDA

    - Over 200 key stakeholder participants
    - All agree that Grounwater Management is important and good protection vital for this important water source
    - Essential to map resources in order to prioritize how to use the water responsibly
    All agreed on need for better coordination now and for groundwater mapping in all Afghanistan

  • Drinking Water for ALL
    - MRRD is responsible for Rural Water Supply
    - Merely 50% of rural people have access to safe water
    - Many areas have only salty water to drink
    - Most water sources already developed
    - Groundwater resources needs mapping
    - Afghanistan need tools and expertise to
    map, find and develop ground water effectively

  • Project Focus

    Develop hydrogeological methods to MAP GROUNDWATER RESOURCES using Faryab as pilot province.

    Methods focussing on sustainabiliy

    Train MRRD and sector staff to be calable of mapping the rest of Afghanistan using usind developed apporach
  • Hydrogeological Project

    Implemented under MRRD, RuWatSIP

    Funded by Norwegian Government though NORAD

    Implemented by NORPLAN with DACAAR as its local partner
  • Methods and Surveys

    Norplan developed survey methods

    Field surveys conducted in Faryab by DACAAR as project partner

    Over 200 water features sampled - analysed
  • Water Atlas: FARYAB

    Illustrated Water Atlas developed (180 pages)

    Atlas is also provincial hydrogeological report

    A textbook to use for making other provincial hydrogoelogical survey reports.

    FARYAB: The pilot province for testing methods and fpor examplyfying how to map water resources.
  • Training - Capacitybuilding
    Training in hydrogeology, GIS and Water Suppy
    Short courses with theory and practials

    Short courses to develop skills

    Practical tests to assure understanding.

    More than 40 short corses completed, over 750 course attendants participated. Some persons attended more that one course but still more that 320 different persons have so far benefitted from the training. (by end of 2014)

  • Field Training: Drilling

    More than 40 participants attended practical course from MRRD, MEW, AGS, MOM, DACAAR, Kabul University and NGOs

    - MEW assisted with drilling rig for training

    - see training video on web.
  • Geophysical Investigations
    Restivity invstigations to explore ground contitions and likelihood of finding water

    MRRD hydrogeologists in Faryab

    Time to practice new skills from training course in organised in Kabul

  • Pilot Province: Faryab

    Important to coordinate field activities with province, Here discussion with Governor in Faryab

    Not easy to get full overview of provincial activities

    Not easy to manage local expectations to project outputs.

    This is a capacity buiulding project, not construction of services. Difficult but important to communicate this.
  • Design Database and Maps

    - Hydrogeological data was collected, checked using standard software incl EXCEL and ACCESS

    - ArcGIS templates designed

    - Hydrogeological maps designed for different information
    (see web for examples)

  • Online Maps

    - Designed Web Mabs using ArcGIS Utility

    - See example with water points, location and water quality ( here Electrical conductivity)

    - Note: every house can be seen on on the satelite image, and the location of the water points becomes clear to see.

  • Trusting Lab Results

    - Training Water Testing Laboratories on Quality Control Awareness

    - Important to be able to trust laboratory results

    - Afghan water testing laboratory should be certified and later some key laboratories accredited.
  • Testing Drinking Water

    - Training on Water Testing using Field Kits

    - DACAAR implemented training course in Faryab

    - DACAAR has as NORPLANs partner implemented more that 10 training courses in the provinces and in Kabul.
  • Communication

    - Communication and coordination has been key fpr project progress. THis is also assumed to be key for sustainable impact and benefits for this project.

    - We hope the methods, documents and systems left behind at the end of the project will in the hands of trained staff make activiteis sustainable to benefit the water sector in Afghansitan.

  • Communication

    Sustainability linked to ARCHORING information and knowledge to many persons, institutions and organizations active in the water sector in Afghanistan.

    Skills transfer to MRRD, sector ministries and active agencies, NGOs and firms.

    Future Capacity Building - linked to Universitiy/ Polytechnic- and training agencies.

    Coordination important to include UN and development banks/ donors

    Training of trainers

Some illustrations of activities

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Web pages with all information, documents training materials and reports will be maintained and accessible for the next two years or longer for the benefit of all Afghan Water Sector Stakeholders.

We in NORPLAN express our appreciation for your contribution to make the project reach its objectives.

For information contact Svein Stoveland or Naqibullah Abrar, NORPLAN


Schematic Diagram below showing Project Activities and Outputs

Look at Water Atlas for Faryab. Nearly complete. (Click in icon)

Project Components


Key Project Agencies



responsible ministry
Norwegian Development Agency:
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Implementing Department Implementing Consultant firm working with RuWatSIP Local Implementing Partner working with Norplan


Locations and Sustainability Focus

Project locations Capacity building - more than training of individuals- sustainability

Stakeholders for Groundwater

From Conference Opening Session at Marble Palace, Kabul

National Groundwater Conference,

Kabul 7-8th June 2015

Invitation by Afghan Engineer's Association

see special web page



Web editor: Team leader Svein Stoveland