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Started this page 12.07.13

Update 14th April 2016
Hydrogeo. survey methods Final Survey methods by D. Banks. on web pages : Field survey methods, Hydrogeo Templates, Training courses completed and Document gallery web pages herin.
Update 12.4.2016
Investigations Maymane survey FInalised report for aquifer near Maymane after completed exploratory drilling and testpumping. Report by D. Banks and with sections by Andreas de Jong.
Update March 2016
Final publications Updated pages with links to final reports, technical reports, logger manual training report and GIS reports.
Update March 2016
Maymane desk survey Uploaded final version 1.2 of desk survey. Found under desk study in Hydrogeology menu.
Update July 9
Web Atlas presentation Addes separate page for downloading separate chaplters of the web page A Web Atlas contents page has been added , and a new Atlas Icon has been added to the welcome page.
Training couses Added updates of courses conducted in late May and June including Quality Control workshop as ANSA., Hydrogemistry course (TC 2.1) and Provincial hydrogeological planning (TC1.7)
ANSA Added overview of quality control work for water testing laboratories as chaired by ANSA Added separated pages for minutes of meetings from 3 Consultative Committee meetings with action pans
Staff Dacaar Dr Betman Bhandari (new WASH coordinator at DACAAR) as been added as project coordinator on the staff overview page from DACAAR
Exploratory drilling New page has been added to show activiites connected to exploratory drilling in Faryab in support of the hydrogeologocal mapping of the province. Listed in the meny under Hydrogeo. main menu

: 26th March
Solar Stills Minutes of meeting in Kabul on next steps for manufacture of solar stills.
Test pumping Training photos training course for test pumping using hired contractor
Annual Meeting Norway Visit to Norway by delegation from Afghanistan for visits to Norwegian institutions and for Annual Meeting with NORAD. Photos from visit
Update 7th March 14
New revised maps New revised maps posted on the web. Administrative/ political and physioghrapic maps for Faryab
First draft of the Hydrogeological atlas for Faryab presented.
Update : 25th February 14
Equipment list, New, high quality camera procured for Kabul office, Cannon 700D reflex. See under list of equipment. This is in line with clients specificaitons.
Info about new training course for data management using Excel spreadsheets. (23-25th February. TC_4.12. Course content in course list, ( additional course) and course report
Mid term training review workshop documentation and reports organised 18th February 2014
ANSA meeting to plan for national framework for water laboratory quality control systems.
Update February 14

Training Progress

Training progress page activivated and course participation analysed after 20 courses has been completed. On this page original course plans are presented as well as updated revisions of the original plan. See news and wep page under meny Progress/training

Solar Stills R & D page updated with new concept illustrations for solar stills
Water Quality Qontrol capacity/institutional development for water testing laboratories. Meeting to initiate national coordination/ quality control framework with ANSA, UNICEF, MRRD, MEW and more...
Update 3rd February
Page prepared for information about the R&D covering Solar stills.
TC 1.10 Documentation from training course on Well construction and test pumping presented as photos and course reports
TC. 2.5 Course information from regional training courses in Mazaar held in December 2013 presented and reported.
TC 4.10 Reports from training course covering GIS presented and reported for Remote sensing.
Update technical reference documentation . 15th January 2014
Text book Added links and documents for Concept, design for Water supply and sanitation for rural and periurban areas (WEDC)
QC documents Added reference documents for Quality Assurance and Quality Control for water testing laboratories. Also documentation for preparing QC plan and for organizing inter laboratory calibration tests.
Update: 3rd January 2014
Two new training videos ( Alkalinity water testing) punished on the web. (English) by D. Banks
Training course Mazaar Dacaar implemented two training courses which should have been located in Maymane, but location transferred to Mazaar for security reasons. 15-13rd December. List of participants and course report published for courses TC 2.5 and 2.6
Update Date: 2-9th December
Graphics illustrations A separate list showing the graphics/diagrams used to illustrate key activities for the project. Click on home page on graphics top on page.
Ground water policy doc Loaded draft ground water policy for MEW from 26.09.2006. Useful reference document ( inder menu for Training Reference docs)
MEW Workshop Workshop invited by MEW for Brainstorming for Groundwater Resource planning Brief note on news page and some photos
Training course report info Updated information of courses in December and presented lecture for Cartography course. Listed courses 4.9, 1.4, 2.5 and 2.6
Project news flash
Travel report Faryab. photos Presented travel report prepared by N. Abrar fom Maymane and photos from field work by Geophysical Investiogatio teams from MRRD and DACAAR. Photos were also presented from water suppies in Maymane and Damquil.
Update 15th November
Visit to Maymane GI Team Edited news for Abrar meeting governor in Faryab and Survey team starting field work near Maymane. Added addidtional page with photos from site visits and field work
Update 21th October
Geo. Invest. Faryab In preparation of the geophysical investigations to be executed in Faryab, a web page has been prepared outlining work assignment and workplan.
Update 20th October
Documentation course TC 15 Added list of participants and course evaluation.
Update..10th October
Photos TC 1.5 Photos added from the training course
TC 1.3 field work Photos from field trip during course 1.3 where MEW provided a rig for test drilling for the large group of course participants. Photos added
Coordination with stakeholder A page drafted listing key stakeholders participating in the project. Their roles, in the sector, why this project is of interest to them and how they interact in the project.
Update 2nd October
Training course 5.3 Added photos and information from Operation and Maintenance course implemented by WETCentre DACAAR between 16th and 20th of September 2013. The completed course was managed by DACAAR in support of the HGS project.
Software propocured Listed procured of software from Slumberger, AquaChem and Hydro GeoAnalyst as specified in Inception report list of software to be procured.
2 new videos Listed two videos showing field visit by course participants during well drilling methods training course. Videos curreltly only in YouTube foremat.
Update 30th September
Photos from TC.1.3 Added photos from the well drilling methods course at MRRD which started 28th of September.
Added course documents Added presentations given by David Banks for the Provincial Hydrogeological Course TC 1.7, including templates and reference documents. The templates were also linked to the meny under hydrology.
Update 25th September
Revised workplans Updated work plans for hydrogeology, GIS, Water and Sanitation and training as proposed in revised implementation plan ( Sept 13)
Traing videos in YouTube format IN the list of training videos, by clicking on the photo icon for the different videos, the film is shown on youtube. THis is done since this may be faster where internet has limited capacity.
Added powerpoint presentations for course 24.09.13
Course info 1.7 Added list of participants, lecture on Hydrogeo. survey history by Prof. Eqrar + two power pint lectures presented by David Banks for hydrogeology course. See table.
Training and course videos date: 245.09.13
Added six short training videos covering field traiing in geophysical investigations, laboratory course, drilling mashine at MRRD, training course in Maymane organanised by DACAAR. ( 3 videos)
Update 10.09.13
Course info 1.7 Listed tutorials and documents for use in the course Provincial hydrogeological planning
Update 09.09.13
GIS first draft system design document For information, the first draft documentprepared for the design of the GIS database framework has been made available for reference since much of the system design is linked to this document.
Update .05.09.13


Update : 04.08.13
Participants List of participants for training course 5.4 Social participations implemented 2-5th Sept
Update 02.09.13
WASH cluster info

Added web page giving brief info of WASH sector partners organization in Afghanistan


Updated info about Eng. Abrar visit to Norway

Info about training couse for social aspects to Water and sangtation in progress at DACAAR

Added name of D. Banks as trainer for short course in September 13.

Update .12.08.13
Information and report from ArcGIS courses 4.2 & 4.3 Information included in Couse Plans table and Course reports. Separate page added with photos of participants
Update 09.08.13
Draft Hydrogeo. survey methods David Banks has drafted the Hydrogeological survey mapping methodology. This has now been presented as a first draft for further processing, discussion for further enhanced revisions before finalization. 08.08.13
GIS map design New layout formats were presented showing line or contours for water quality and static dept of water. Geological maps added for illustration as draft.
Procured 8 textbooks Listed for the 8 record textbooks procured for distribution. Title: Water Wells and Boreholes, co-autored by our senior hydrologist David Banks 17.07.13
GIS Course 4.1 reports Posted course evaluation report and course completion report.
date: 12.07.13
Dari translations Posted dari versions of hydrogeological field survey notes
GIS course 4.1 Downloaded on web the presentation by Course presenter Barat covering two introductory GIS presentations covering ArcGIS, held 5- 8th July 13
Edit home page Added page listing last revisions and updates on web pages
GIS Functionality Added page describing planned functionality for GIS and WebGIS maps which has been developed by D. Banks for the HGS project