Reference and Training Books and Documents

The books and documents enclosed have been used in the training and found usefull for the training. The documents have are available for public use.ยด


  1. Government Documents ( Water related)
  2. Water Supply design
  3. Ground water management and governance
  4. Water Supply and sanitation National Policies
  5. Afghan water supply and sanitation reference documents
  6. Water testing laboratory- quality control- quality assurance- certification

Reference documents which has beem found of value for the capacity building paroject and for training courses conducted.

Collated here for ease of use.

Government Documents

Water Law of Afghanistan.

(Unofficial English translation of the water law published in the Ministry o fJustice Offical Gazattee No. (980) 26 April 2009

TA to the Ministry of Energy and Water for the Implementation of the Food Security/Water Management Project in Kunduz, Baghlan and Takhar Provinces



Cateory : Water Supply Well Design

Water Supply Well Guidelines.

Primary Author Stephen J. Schnider, BSME, MGWC

Book written by practical driller with practical advise how to drill and develop wells. The author, Stephen J. Schnider, ( has agreed that this book can be translated by to Dari by Norplan for use in Afghanistan. The translation is being planned now.

Designing water suply and sanitation projects to meet demand in rural and peri-urban areas


BY.Paul Deverill, Simon Bibby, Alison Wedgwood & Ian Smout Complete.PDF

Making Rural Water Supply Sustainable.

Report on the impact of Project Rules.

WSP, World Bank. Jannifer Sarah and Travis Katz P

Afghanistan Rural Water Sector,

Developing Sector Strategies and Options to Support the Sector

World Bank, AusAID,


Towareds better programming

A Water Handbook.

The Bill & Melidna Gates Foundation

Landscaping and Reveiw of Approaches and Technologies for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Opportunities for Action. Main Report, 2006 ( click on symbol to see, 2.9Mb)

Groundwater management and governance

from Thematic paper no 3

Urban- Rural tensions & opportunities co-management

Gef - World Bank - UN - FAO

from Thematic paper no 5

Groundwater policy and governance

Gef - World Bank - UN - FAO

from Thematic paper no 7

Trends in local groundwater management institutions.

Gef - World Bank - UN - FAO

Water Management Institutions - Overview

from South Africa

World Bank:

Understanding and Improving
Groundwater Governance

June 2012, (175 pages)

Water and Sanitation National Policies

Afghanistan National Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Policy (2010)

Policy documents signed by Hon. Minister, MRRD. Document in both English and Dari languages )


National Hygiene Education Policy Guidelines

Developed by Hygiene Education Technical Working Grolup in April 2007



Kabul, September 2010

Volume 1 ( narrative left) and vol 2 right with appendices. Word format. Heavy file to download ( if difficult contact S.A. Safi in RuWatSIP)

Useful Reference Water Sector documents

Operation & Maintenance of Rural Water Supply

Water and Sanitation Programme
Human Resource Development Unit
Comment: Focus on sustainable service provision.
DACAAR, Afghanistan

Water testing laboratories -Quality Control - Quality Assurance - Certification


US Env. Protection Agency

Manual for Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water.
Criteria and Procedures , Quality Assurance

Quality Manual

Laboratory and Environmental Assessment Division, State of Oregon, US, Department of Environmental Quality

Quality Assurance (QA)& Quality Control (QC) in the laboratory

by Georges Ruta, Aater quality Scientist, City West Water, Melborne, Australia

Water Chemistry Laboratory Manual

Quality Assurance Plan

Willamette Research Station, Analytical laboratory

EPA Canada

Laboratory Quality Control Requirements

Surface Water Ambedient Monitroing Program, Quality Management Plan

Article published in Earth Magazine by USGS describing the situation in Afghanistan with years of conflicts and the need to reestablish expertise, knowledge and institutions for monitoring and guarding the important resource of water. Article is on-line so click on icon to see. Title: A dry and ravaged land: Investigating water resources in Afghanistan

Finding water in the heart of darkness: Afghanistan's ongoing water challenges

Article published in Earth Magazine by USGS in 2009 describing the situation updated. Afghanistan has much water per capita, but indiscriminate use of resources needs to be monitored and controlled. The issue of climate change is addressed and high rate of snow-melting The use of the essential water resource needs to be carefully managed.