Photos from visit to Norway by Eng. Naqibullah Abrar

Depyty team leader and project manager for NORPLANs office in Kabul, Eng. Abrar visited NORPLAN to meet key sections in NORPLAN covering finance, project management, GIS, but also to meet with NORAD.

Photos from meetings may be boring, but below we have included some photos from sightseeing in NORWAY during his stay between 20 to 29th of August 2013.

Prepared 5th September 2013





Visit to Norway

Abrar in Kristiansand, The Norplan office of partner Asplan Viak inside the yellow circle next to the harbour. Abrar presenting a carpet to our Admin Finance officer on the project Berit Hultmann. She is the one of the key persons to serve the local office with funds for smooth running.

Out at sea on a small fast boat

- to try his luck fishing. 6 mackerel Abrar caught! Not bad for a start.
Lunch on the terrace at the offices of Asplan Viak, Norplan partner, in Kristiansand where the team leader Svein Stoveland has his workplace Abrar meeting some of the water engineers in the office discussing technical project issues.
Visiting a local wastewater treatment plant. Here the control room showing flow chart and process control. Inspecting the final sedimentation tanks in at the treatment plant at Bredalsholmen. This plant has been accredited for process sampling in accordance with the local EPA.
Visiting Oslo for meetings and sightseeing in the Norwegian Capital
In front of the parliament Looking at Oslo Harbour with the ferry in front traveling to Denmark
Visiting Akershus Castle with the twin towers of the town hall in the background The Norwegian prime minister has just landed in this little helicopter just a few meters away. Prime Minister Stoltenberg greeted us with his "hallo" before he left in his car. Good fun.
Visit to the world famous Opera house with its special design with a sloping marble roof where all can take a picnic in the sun Holmenkollen ski jump. More than 140 meters the ski jumpers fly though the air. Crazy perhaps.
Visiting Vigeland Sculpture Garden Abrar meeting follow Afghans at a multicultural day in near the Oslo Town Hall.