Photos when unpacking and testing logging equipment order by DACAAR from GeoVista.

Ordered from GeoVista manufacturing shop in UK.

Prepared 15th June2015





Photos of the equipment ordered for geophysical investigations and training in Kabul and Afghanistan
Rolling out the Winch. Hassan, Jawid getting assistance with balancing the load. Andreas assisting in mounting the tripod to be placed over the borehole.
Extracting submersible pump and raising mail to facilitate for well logging.
Parts for checking, assembly and testing  
Tripod over well ready for testing Winch in position and testing ready
DACAAR logger equipment runs on 12v battery Winch ready
Monitor fitted All checked before testing
Fitting monitor, All seems to be in working order

One tool need to be dry tested with special electrodes because the test well is only 20 meters deep.

All seems to be in order, tool responding and now DACAAR is just waiting for the logger vehicle to be ready for fitting or equipment using same design as developed for the MRRD logger vehicle.

All well so far.