Photos from visit to manufacturerof GeoVista logging equipment ordered for HGS project in RuWatSIP.

David Banks and Andreas de Jong visited GeoVista manufacturing shop in UK early July to check on the equipment and to plan use of equipment in Afghanistan for geophysical investigations and for training on use of equipment and interpretation of data.

Prepared 9th July 2013





Photos of the equipment ordered for geophysical investigations and training in Kabul and Afghanistan

Winch and winch connections to control panel as mounted inside the support vehicle.

CCTV probe used for inspecting boreholes  
Control unit for the equipment CCTV probe being lowered into borehole
Display unit for the CCTV Arrangement for lowing equipment into borehole for inspections
Different calipers or tools for lowering into the borehole for geophysical investigations Support vehicle with winch and equipment in the field using the geophysical logging equipment.