Field Survey in Faryab


Field team from DACAAR headed by Senior Hydro geologist Hassan

and field hydro geologist Muhammad Hadi


Field surveys

Most of the surveys have been carried out by the field survey team from DACAAR led by the senior hydro geologist Hassan. With him he has a field team in Faryab led by field hydro geologist Mumannad Hadi

The field survey consisted of much sampling including:

  1. Precipitation sampling
  2. Soil sampling
  3. Water sampling from Wells and boreholes
  4. River sampling

The photos below show the sampling and field work by the DACAAR teak


Field Water Testing equipment for temperature, pH and electric conductivity
Field team for testing water have to wait their turn for access to the water source Testing water quality in spring in Gurzwan, 17.01.2013 and collecting water sample
Water sample collected from spring Excavation 70 cm deep sampling hole for soil sampling
Collecting soil sample for analysis Soil samples ready to go to laboratory for analysis