Geophysical investigations in Faryab





Geophysical survey teams in Faryab, working outside Maymane. November 2013
The MRRD survey team headed by Eng. Abdul Jalil. The senior hydrogeologist in MRRD providing much experience to the team. Shown from left, Rafiq (technician), Eng. Ramazan (Geophysist), Eng Abdul Jalil, Hydrogeologist, Eng. Mansor, Geophysist, Qais (technician)
A gathering of survey staff from MRRD, DACAAR, RRD Maymane and Norplan outside RRD office. From right MRRD two field assistants, PRRD driver, Eng. N. Abrar, NORPLAN, Eng. Alim Marat, PRRD director, Eng. Mansoor, Eng. Jalil, (MRRD, hydrogeologist), Popal, (head of RRD program) Eng. Jawed, (DACAAR, hydrogeologist), Eng. Mirwais,(RRD, geologist), Eng. Hassan, (DACAAR, hydrogeologist), Fahim and Eng. Ramazan (PRRD, geophysist)
Data from electrical soundings collected.
Taking readings:Eng Mansoor, Eng. Abdul Jalil, while Qais is watching. Mansoor, Merwais(partly hidden) and Ramazan (right)
Eng. Mansoor, Rafiq and Eng. Ramazan Eng. Mansoor, Eng.Ramazan and Rafiq
The second team, is the DACAAR survey team headed by Eng Hassan (center), with support of Jawed(left) both form Kabul and Hadi ( right and stationed in Maymane) . Far in the distance can be seen one of the assistants at the end of the survey line. Longer lines makes it possible to survey deeper for potential water sources.
  Near Maymane Airport
The Syscal Pro equipment used for electrical soundings. Eng Hadi, DACAAR, the young capable hydrogeologist staying in Maymane and following up all field work for the project.
Large open areas to be covered. The DACAAR team can be seen in the middle of the field.
More open fields to cover Hassan supervising, Jawid taking the readings.
Survey line moving into town Hassan supervising, Jawed taking readings, and note the water cans are there to wet the electrodes for better readings.
Closeup view of equipment electrodes, (pegs) tape measure and cables.  
The survey line stretches into settlement area.  
Map above supplied by Hassan from DACAAR 24.11.13 showing where MRRD (M) and DACAAR( D) survey teams have been working, northwewest of Maymane City. This is all in line with prepared plans