Photos from visit to Faryab meeting Governor and visiting Damquil and existing Water Supplies


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Meeting with Governor .date: November 2013

Visit to Governor. Dir. Eng. Alim Marat, PRRD, Eng. N. Abrar NORPLAN and Governor Prof. Dr. Mohammadullah Batash, Faryab.

Updated information about project progress, planned activities, and discussions covering needs for more effective coordination in order to identifty new rural towns for planning of water supplies under the project. Manhy issues also coverded including technoligy and sustainability, candidates from Faryab for further higher training, planning activities for Damquil for training and water supply activiites.

Visit to Damquil areas
.date: November 2013
Visiting Damquil North village outside Maymane. Here is a dug well fitted with a handpump and all developed by the community themselves. Only problem, the drinking water is very salty ( saline). DACAAR`s field team measured the electrical conductivity to 3000 mS/l. To see what this means see chart below:
What does water quality mean- for comparison: Just to show how salty the water is in Damquil just outside Maymane, the chart used for water quality assessment from the Department of Water Affairs in South Africa is shown above. Their scale for use does not go higher that to > 520 mS/l while we in Maymane the water is close about 3000 mS/l. ( Very bad indeed) (click here for higher resolution pdf file showing above table)
NCA has funded drilling a borehole near the river in Maymane. The water is of good quality, and the well produce about 10 liters per second which is very good. The caling with the sealed borehole can be seen in tne picture. ( The well may be used for serving people liveing in Damquil area)
see further photos from the Damqul area:

Piped Water Supply scheme - Communty managed - DACAAR implemented
- November 2013
Community menbers for managing og water scheme in Torpakhto just outside Maymane. All very keen to explain how it works and all are fully aware of community rules how the scheme is managed. N.Abrar, NOPRPLAN and Popal, RRD visit the scheme. ( Water tariff: 28 kg wheat per family). The scheme has 33 standpipes, pumphouse, 50 m3 storage capacity and a 3,5 km long pipe network.
Pumphouse lifted up from a 110 meter deep well. A pond which was the old water source and in the background the new standpipe
New standpipe and water is flowing... Household latrine ( centre of picture).

Settlements and water facilities in Maymane and surrounding rural areas. Nov2012