Exploratory Drilling Activiites in Faryab


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some important planning documents:

Study: Maymane

Study: Sherin Tagab


Meeting Norplan MRRD to agree on Workplan
..date: 10th June 2014
Meeting RuWatSIP June 10th 2014

A meeting attended by Director Qader, Sen. Hydrogeologists in MRRD, Norplan (Abrar, Banks, De Jong, Eqar) and more agreed on the following:

  • RuWatSIP to sent a team to Faryab for Social Mobilization ( obtaining permission to sink test boreholes)
  • MRRD mo mobilize drilling rig to sent to Faryab for exploratory drilling.
  • 5 exploratory boreholes to be sunk in Maymane area
  • Field work to be following methodology developed by D. Banks, Norplan
  • Further drilling in Sharing Tagab to be implemented if security situation allowed to Geophysical investigation to take place in advance of exploratory drilling
  • Test pumping equipment to be procures. DACAAR/ Hassan should and RuWatSIP should prepare specifications.

Documentation by Dave on agreed action for exploratory drilling, incl. agreed action

Report format for use for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) before drilling.

Very important that MRRD mobilize fast if the work is going to be completed in 2014.

Evaluation of Geophysical Results And preparation of reports ..date: May 2014.
Exploratory wells locations and design. ( see doc by Dave)

Geophysical Investigations

Field work

MRRD and DACAAR teams




Information and photos from water supply development for Maymane which has stopped

A water supply project was started but not completed. 3 well were drilled.

Planning Geophysical Investigation in Kabul before leaving for Faryab
Preparation 10/11/13

Plans for surveying and exploratory drilling
..date: June 2013
Important background documents

David Banks prepared the following guidelines:

The above reports provide the background and the main surveying, sampling and monitoring to be cone in connection with the exploratory drilling and subsequent test-pumping.


Exploratory drilling program discussed with senior hydorgeologists
: September 2014
Consultation process Draft proposal presented by David Banks and discussed wiht senior hydrologists form MRRD, DACAAR and NCA. ( 2012-2013)

Drilling rig at Work near Maymane
..date: September 2014
Results - logs

Results - logs from first well: ( more photos)

- Time Log Drilling log from first well, ( 107 m deep)
- Lethological log of well

Recommendations from drilling first well (Well 1, Maymane) sept14.Translated by Prof Eqrar


Report Conclusion:

  1. The result of drilling the well doesn’t meet with the geophysical investigation conducted at the proposed site. 
  2. The thickness of water bearing formation/zone is much smaller than exected; it is approximately 2m and shows that the aquifer has very poor water.
  3. The drilling work of the well has been completed within  40 working hours up the depth of 106m.


  1. As per the data and information collected from the first exploratory well, reasonable decisions should be taken for further activities.
  2. Due to the shortage of time and till completion of the remaining activities of the first well, the drilling machine should be shifted/moved to the second well location.    
Click on diagrams for enlarged versions for detained reading. (A4 size)
  Time log for well No. 1 Lithological log well No.1 Dari report

Drilling 2nd Boreholes, Maymane
Date: October 2014


28th Oct.14

Report from Eng Hadi(DACAAR) with a little bit more explanation from Prof.Eqrar
Faryab province, second exploratory production well
Drilling progress
With reference to the previous report submitted to you on 26/10/ 2014, this is also a part & completion of that report and covering our today activates. The drilling diameter of second well started with 16 inch from 0.0 to 6.0 meters in 16 then drilled with 12 inch diameters  up to 12m. They well have a collapsible formation from 9 meters to 12 meters in afternoon the well filed by bentonite again drilled to 12 meters .
 0.0 – 1.0  m Top soil,
 1.0-6.0  Clay,
  6.0 – 9.0 m  Silt,
 9.0 -12.0  fin Sand with black and with color   ( in progress)

  Click above to see the details of the well log. Borehole depth of 120 m Drill Cuttings from the well at 90 meters depth.
  Flow meter procured New stop valves added.
  See more photos  

Map Drilling Locations - Depth to bottom of Aquifer
Date: November

Drilling Observation Well
.Date: 28th March 2015

Observation wells are being drilled and the work started as soon as it was dry enough to get into the field. These wells are important to see how the water level changes when test-pumping main borehole nearby. (Two observation wells are planned for each main production borehole.)

For detailed information to see logs, click on the log icons below for larger size.

  Drillilling log for
observation well
Time drilling log for
observation well
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Time drilling log for
observation well
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