Technology test: Membrane Filtration: Results

Below on the page we present the results from the test of the Sky Hydrant for potential users in Afghanistan

With results we refer to improvement in drinking water quality after treatment and lessons learnt from operating the test unit.

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Preliminary results . Treatment efficiency - Turbidity

Raw water samples were collected from rivers near Kabul and transported to MRRD and the test side with a 6 cu meter tanker.

The Turbidity of the raw water varied between about 40 to 170 NTU. The treated water is absolutely crystal clear as can be seen above. Very good.

Bacteriological analysis

Samples have been analyzed of raw water and of treated water. The samples were analyzed for Total Coliform and for E Coli.

The preliminary results are impressive with the raw water containing heavy contamination, actually so much that the actual number of colonies in 100ml sample were too high to count. The effluent on the other hand NIL bacteria per 100mi.

Preliminary Flow measurements though the filter

The first test runs indicate that the time between backwashing of filter will vary depending on the turbidity of the water.

It may make sense that what the manufacturer indicate that the filter should be backwashed daily as a routine.

  Initial backwashing tests showed that the operation was relatively easy and fast. Water from the head tank was used for backwashing and indications seems to show that 20-40 liters were all the water needed for backwashing.