Membrane Filtration: Field Tests

On the page we present the results from the test of the Sky Hydrant for treating river water at the outskirts of Kabul.

The field tests focus will focus on functionality and applicability for use in smaller communities using river/ surface waters as their drinking water source


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Field testing setup.

Focus for testing will be functionality, operation and maintenance, ease of training local community to manage the facility. From time to time the flow rate will be checked and samples collected. It will also be assessed how the unit performs over a little longer period.

Initially, the unit appear very attractive for emergency relief situations with flooding etc. After a 6- to 12 months period, a field not will be prepared giving operational experiences gained from running the plant.

MRRD/ NORPLAN and NCA will be following up the plant performance and functionality. The RuWatSIP water testing lab will provide water testing support.


This is the drinking water people collect and use

Collecting water

Child carrying water home River is the water source for the area, untreated! unsafe!
Key development staff: Cecilie Kolstad and Mohammad Yasir 3rd June 2015
Cecilie is taking good care of the filtration unit before installation

Yasir serving berries after the plan has been installed and commissioned. Sweet start!

It has been cecilie and Yasir who has been running the tests at MRRD for the first treatment unit so conficence in the technology is high. But how will it work when placed in a village for community manangement? The test should give some good answers.
Cecilie is a horse owner in Norway and could not leave without testing an Afghan riding horse!
The pipingfitted The pump is make ready Then time to enjoy the dessert
Solar pannel in place to power the pump to lift water to the header tank Testing the first treated water

NORPLAN team visit the filter plan at Gulbag

Field Inspection 14th June 2015
Yasir, Svein and Abrar on inspection tour Hydrant fitted with security fence and a concrete slab supports the test unit and tanks as shown.
Inlet pump placed in the irrigation canal. Solar Panel to drive the pump is placed on top of a house nearby
NCA provided a tent for the operators / security men Operator serving a user coming from a nearby house.

Water quality looks great!

- only one thing- the water in the outlet tank being served is quite hot being stored in the hot sunshine. A shade to cool the water is needed, otherwise great!.