Technology options for consideration

Below are listed some technologies which may be relevant to test, develop or apply for sustainable services in Faryab.

See special page established for the development of Solar Stills, now M.Sc. project together with NCA, UMB, MRRD, NORPLAN and hopefully Kabul University.

Listing of possible technology options to be considered. Some untried in Afghanistan


Solar stills - as desalination treatment plants

Solar still. This is a method for converting salty water into drinking water. There are solutions for individuals delivering barely 3 liters/day till larger units delivering up till 1000 liters per day using only solar energy.

For hot and dry areas with saline waters.

(click on illustration to view as animation, youtube)

The water pyramid: Larger plastic desalination tent developed at the University of Delft, Netherlands. This tent can consisting of think plastic can produce about 1000 liters per day.

The Water Pyramid is a uniquely designed foil structure, utilizing energy from the sun to evaporate dirty or polluted source water and to condense high quality drinking water.

Solar still with sloping glass which may be an alternative design. Many units can be coupled together in needed.

Could be tested in Faryab.

Solar still principle diagram. There are many practical designs and Solutions which can be tested and perhaps developed for the hot areas with saline waters in Faryab.

SolAqua: This is a still design which is estimated to be able to produce about 4-5 liters per day per square meter of glass surface on a hot day.

The SolAqua still is a passive solar distiller that only needs sunshine to operate. There are no moving parts to wear out. (see link for details. Possible for testing and consideration in Faryab)

Solar Still for personal use. Produce 3 liters per day. Solar Still Makes Water Purification Easy, Works Like an Upside-Down Coffee Maker.

It's called the Eliodomestico, and it's quite simple. Pour water into the spout at the top and walk away. Thanks to the circular top, no matter the time of day, it's hit by maximum sunlight. The heat turns the water into steam, which travels down through a nozzle and condenses against the lid of the bowl at the bottom of the still. At the end of the day, the bowl is full of safe, potable water.

( for possible testing in Faryab. Info from Internet on above link)

Water treatment using low pressure membrane filtration

An Australian NGO, Sky Juice Foundation, has developed a low maintenance, low pressure membrane filter for to clean water bacteria and particulates.

This filter is build based on recycles membranes from the industry with very high quality standards. Therefore this is relatively affordable.

About USD 3000 for a unit which can produce about 1 m3/hour and which can last for 10 years without any replacements or parts. Only operation and maintenance is movement of handle on top of using for washing- Unit also used for disaster relief facilities. Could be applicable for use where the raw water may be contaminated like karez or river waters.


Can be packaged for larger "water kiosks" for community supplies