Conceptual design concept propsed for planning water supply and sanitation in three rural towns.

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The work has not started yet because the rural towns where to start planning has not yet been identified. Many factors need to be assessed in the comceptual design process as indicated in the figure below:



Conceptual design approach:

Once the towns have been identified the approach could be as follows:

  1. Gather preliminary information about towns including
    • Population
    • Existing infrastructure
    • Existing water supply service
    • From which water resource(s) does the settlement get water today
  2. Make assessment of potential water resources
    • Visit towns or settlement
    • Conduct walkover hydregeological survey
    • Collect data on existing water resources, yields, water quality etc.
    • Review hydrogeological maps and existing records to assess water supply potential
  3. If all critiera for selecting the areas under consideration then proceed as follows
    • Agree with province is work witht the areas should proceed.
    • Agree apporach and preliminary consultantion to rural towns and agree on first information to be given to communities at to what the project can offer, uncertainties and how the project and communities could take planning forward.


In the dialog key issues of sustainability, operation and maintenance and cost and community responsibiliy will have to be clarified. Agreement will also have to be made as to what the project will agree to do or provide for the area.

The Communities will be shown alternative service levels and cost and O&M implications for the benefactors. In this dialogue. Examples of graphical illistrations as shown below may be used.

At the planning proceed, and economist will be joining the team evaluate propsals and assess financial viability and sustainability of the proposals


Example for illustration of water supply service level ( draft to be revined when areas have been identified)


Water supply development is to follow the Policies of Afghanistan for Rural water supply and sanitation ( WSG) ad developed under the chairmanship of MRRD and fully under the jurisdiction of MRRD mandate.


Water supply service level
Linkage between water supply and sanitation

Example how alternative technical solutions can be presented to illustrate user or community costs.

Costs not correct and need to be revised.