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Seminar Presentations

Key issues raised by HE deputy Minister Shaheer Shahriar when opening the seminar

Seminar objectives and agenda,

by Naqubullah Abrar.

Water Supply Sanitation and Hygiene ( WASH) status and future plans in Afghansitan.

by Director Ghulam Qader, RuWatSISP, MRRD.

Afghanistan Urban Water Supply and Sewerage Corporation (AUWSSC)

Strategies, Visions and Plans for Wrban Areas,

by Eng. Mozafarkhail, Dir. AUWSSC.

Water supply and sanitation. Services sustainable for all?

by Svein Stoveland, Norplan


Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Irrigation Program ( RuWatSIP)

PPT on Wash Policies Problem/Solutions

by Eng M. A. Safi, RuWatSIP

Water Supply and Wastewater Sector Policy, MUDA 2014

by Eng M Noor, GIZ

Summary focus on Willingness to pay, and service preference in one large Urban city,

by Svein Stoveland, Norplan

Overall SASDI Engagement in Afghanistan, WB Water Sector involvement

by Eng A. Rasuli, World Bank

Introduction to City Wide Sanitation Planning

by Alex Miller, BORDA


Rural Water Supply Coverage - learning from computer model

Dr. Stoveland presented a small computer model to illustrate some implications of decision making which may have to be made of rural water supply coverage is going to be something other than a dream for a large part of the rural population.

The model is only a tool to illustrate the implication of choice for certain parameters such as: 1) Lifetime of water supply, 2) number of new water facilities to be constructed annually, 3) number of water supplies to be rehabilitated annually, 3) possible scale of investment costs for new and water supply for rehabilitation. 4) operation and maintenance cost ( to be handled covered by whom? .

Seminar Photos
Opening session with Dep. Minister Ahmad Shaheer Shahriar at the head of the table in MRRD main Conference room. With representatives from GIZ, KFW, Norplan, MRRD, MEW, NEPA, World Bank, NCA, USAID listening
From right, Prof. Zarinkhailm (partly), Dr. Stoveland (Norplan), Dep Minister. HE Shaheer Shahriar( MRRD), Dir. Ghulam Qader, (MRRD) Ministers Assistant (MRRD), Prof Eqrar(Norplan/Kabul University), Eng A. Rasuli (World Bank), Eng. M. Naeem, (Ruwatsip MRRD) Dir. Ghulam Qader, RuWatSIP MRRD
Eng. M. A. Safi presenting, with Dir. Qader, Eng. Abrar and Eng. Rasuli listeing. Eng. Noor, GIZ presenting MUDA policy framework for Urban water suply and sanitation.
Eng Alex Miller, BORDA presenting solutions for urban sanitation
Eng. Tokhi from MEW presenting with Prof. Eqrar supporting with translations. Dr. Stoveland, Norplan, presenting examples of results from water use studies/ socionomic /willingness to pay surveys in Lagos, Nigeria.