Training to cover use of equipment and software illustrated below



Syscal with resistivity analysis

Training in use and interpretation of data collected from resistisity measurelent using Syscal instruments. Equipment currently in use in RuWatSIP and other sector agencies

MRRD has two Syscal pro units.

Well resistivity measurements
Well restivity measuring equipment. Can only be used for borewells before casing is placed in the borehole. equipment with RuWatSip but not used.
Well dippers
Well dippers for measuring water level in well using absolute pressure measurements.Available in RuWatSIP, Dacaar and other agencies
GeoVista Geophysical logging
Well loggers to be purchased from GeoVista. Delivery in July- August 2013
Use of Geological Campas
Geological Compas
Sorfware Aquachem

Software for use in analusing water qualities in borewells. Under consiteration for procurement and use

No need to buy, Delivered to MRRD in 2012 by DACAAR who also provided training.

Software Aquifer - Test
Software for analysing pump test results and capacity of aquifer. To be procured.
Software Syscal Pro

For data interpretation from IRIS

- IX1D
- Res2Dinv,

Will be procured

Borewell logger

Very sofisticated equipmnet for measuring wells and ground aquifers. Under consideration for procurement for project.

(Click on diagram left to see photos of equipment ordered)

WaterCad software training
Software for traing in pipe network design.
Test pumping experiments
Testpumping equipment to be used to check water capacity from aquifer
Total station equipment

Total station for surveying for piped water networks in towns.

Two instruments procured type Sokkia SET 2X with dual displa. First trining couse in May 2013.

Soil analysis
Soil siveing analysis.
Water testing, pH and temperature

pH, and temperature,


Water testing, conductivity
Electric Conductivity