TC 4.6: Advanced Online GIS Maps

Photos from Course

Course organised by Andreas de Jong, supported by Prof. Eqrar,

Course started 27th October 2015 at MRRD running for two days

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Advanced GIS Map design techniques
GIS map for Faryab Andreas de Jong discussing map design details
8 Participants covered this advanced GIS course



Participants undertaking practical training exercises

  Achievements as presented by one of the participants
List of Participants

Day 2
Prof. Zarinkhail providing support during one of hte tutorial sessions One of the maps prepared. Looks like the theme may be the weather!
Jamal working on a map. Andreas giving his last course at RuWatSIP. We hope not. He has made a tremendous contribution to capacity building for both hydrogeology and GIS training.
Examples of participants designwork.

Above, overview of maps prepared by course participants. Just click on the Map above to get on-line. ( require a reasonably good Internet). The maps with different themes are made during the course and only with a few days training. Free software as long at all information in public domain( means information freely available and not commercially traded.

Once the portal is opened, just click and zoom in for more details. So easy


Below we have pasted in for screen-shots from the maps illustrated above.

Mahigir Chanal. RuWatSIP waterpoints per province
Water Point functionality Faryab Irrigated lands.
Map showing techtonic plates, faults and earthquate location Paghman Irrigation scheme