Photos from TC 4.5, Practical Use of Online GIS MAPS

Course organized by Andreas de Jong, supported by Prof. Zarinkhail

Course started 9th December 2014 at RuWatSIP, MRRD

Photos only





View from the training sessions and tutorial work. For course outputs see Course report.

Presenters and participants
In front, the presenters starting from right with Andreas de Jong, Prof. Eqrar, Eng Abrar ( between) and Prof. Zarinhkail. Amadudin from MIS unit in RuWatSIP is on the end of the front row.
Introducing the Faryab Mapping Group in ArdGIS Online Pop-up with logo produced by participants
Much practical work where all participants gets hand-on practical training how to handle the ArcGIS Map utility software.
Al working actively on their own PC One geological map produced by participants
Andreas handing over certificate to Amadudin which Abrar sorts our the certificates Prof Zarinkhail issues certificate to participant
Always two trainers in he room. Here Andreas and Zarinkhail providing support to participants during practical work.