TC 1.9: Geophysical Well Logging Data Interpretation,

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Course organised by Andreas de Jong, supported by Prof. Eqrar, Co-presenters include Eng. Jamaluddin, Eng. Poya, Eng. Hassan Safiand and Eng. Ehssan Bayat

Course started 18th October 2015 at MRRD . ARDI (Afghanistan Rural Rehabilitation and Development Institute)

Photos only




Interpretation of Logging Data. Photos showing course activities.
Eng. A.Safi opening the training session Example of caliper log interpretation by Eng Jaweed (DACAAR)
16 participants attended the training Discussing the new DACAAR logging vehicle
Course organizer Andreas de Jong presenting
Eng Hassan, DACAAR, presenting with support of Jamaluddin. Andreas and Hassan
Eng Jamaludding presenting Professor Eqrar with support of Eng. Poya presenting
Hassan (DACAAR) and Ehssan Bayat, (NCA) working on natural gamma log interpretation.  


3rd Day of the course and all still hardworking!.

Good attendance Jamaludding (RuWatSIP) leading discussions
Ehssan (NCA) discussing the interpretation of the printouts Poya(RuWatSIP) and Jawed (DACAAR) working on exercises

4th Day of the course and all still hardworking!.

Prof. Eqrar discussing logging data. Participants on 4th day
Jamal and Poys presenting borehole logging videos and discussing observations and use of the video tool
Video showing joints of borehole casing. Inspecting MRRD well logger in front RuWatSIP
  Andreas showing onen of the logger sondes
Viewing logging tool in store, Farid and Jaweed wa Demonstrating the logging control unit.
Training course certificate all receive for attendance Prog. Eqrar presenting ceertificates during course closing ceremony.