TC 1.11.2: Practical Pumping Test Data Interpretation 2

Photos from Course

Course organised by Andreas de Jong, supported by Prof. Eqrar,

Course 25th- 26th October 2015 at MRRD . at RuWatSIP, MRRD

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Pumping Test Data Interpretation- Day 1: 25th October 2015
Course participants
Prof. Eqrar and Andreas de Jong presenting and discussing data interpretation
  Jalil and Jamaluddin, RuWatSIP
Always time for lunch. Kabuli
Ali Poya presenting Hassan Safi discussing with Jalil and the other participants
Poya ( left,) Hassan, Jaweed, Jalil and others working intensely with the charts to asses water capacities
Interpretation of Logging Data.26th October 2015
16 participants attended the training Discussing the new DACAAR logging vehicle
List of 14 participants Safi issuing certificates


Earthquake. All people to evacuate the building. Very serious for Northern Afghanistan.