Photos from Training Course for Practical pumping Test interpretation , TC 1.11

To our knowledge, this is the first test pumping training organized in Kabul as a separate training course. Installation on borehole outside MRRD Compound. Course organized by Andreas de Jong supported by Ehssanullah Bayat from NCA.














Test Pumping Training
Photos from the field training 1st October 2013

Hired contractor installing test pump for the test pumping training

Setting up the rig for demonstration drilling

Presenting and demonstrating of tools to be used during the testing showing sampling bottles, tape, cable with divers for measuring water levels/pressures during pimping ( feeding data to laptop) and water quality testing kits.
Generator and submersible pump ready for use. Pump installed, flow
The PVC pipes for sinking divers for pressure measurements / water level etc is carefully tied to the rising main. Pump lowered to 52 meters and secured. Pipes for monitoring water down in the borehole during pumping are nicely positioned .
Training team inspecting. From left, Andreas, Prof Eqrar, Svein, Hassan and Abrar. Pumping installation at view
Flow meter in place measuring in cubic meters. Static ground water level measured before starting the test-pumping
Jawid if checking,center, while Ehsan Bayat is following closely. Jawid and Hassan are checking the flow-meter before start.
The divers for down- the hole measurement is in place, and the stop watches set for timing the startup of the test pumping. The laptop is connected to the divers so that data can be collected, stored for analysis. Jawed checking that all is set.


The test pumping for the training course was set at pumping for one hour at 2.5, 5, 7 and 9 liters per second for one hour and measuring draw-down and water characteristics. With the data then collected, the interpretation of the data and calculation of the well capacity and efficiencies should then be calculated as classroom exercises later, but first the test.

Carefully recording time and draw-down. Test-pumping in progress. A 50 meter pipe has been fitted to lead the water away from the borehole. The course participants are standing next to the borehole while the discharge can be seen in the front.
The discharge reading using the flow-meter is checked with stopwatch and 50 liter bucket. 2.6 l/s good. Worrying that the water is so turbid. It should have been clean!!!. What has happened with the well. The test should tell.....
Jawed is testing the water for pH, temperature ( 16.6) and EC 1265. Discussion at the well. Ehsan answering questions. Jalil and Hassan listening together with the course participants.
Suicide attack at Election commission- further down the same street where the test-pumping was being carried out. All go in hiding and watch news on large screed in the GIS office. Not possible to continue training and the pump had to be left to itself.
Sand can be seen in the bucket and in the drain channel where discharge water were drained. Sand should not be there. This is serious. The reason for the problem is will be tested.
Back in the classroom working with the data. All have been tasked to draw the draw down curves and work out the efficiency of the well
Hard at work Jalil following presentation
Course participants Ehsan Bayat and Andreas going though the data and applying the data to the formulas. Maths and calculations and much, much more..
Jawed presenting testpumping data for analysising by course participants Thanks goodness for logistics support with stationaries and lunches.. Naseer always in action...
Lunch for all.. a nice break Prof Eqrar and Andreas de Jong have a break.