Photos from training course TC 5.8 Water Testing in the field using Simple Analytical Kits.

Course no. 5.8 organized and implemented by Norplan at RuWatSIP, MRRD, responsible Dr S. Stoveland supported by Prof. Eqrar, Eng. Abrar, Eng Eng Hassan and Eng Jawed, Dacaar

This time WHO also assisted with covering the training of bacteriological testing and analysis using field Kits. Eng Frederic Patigny delivering the training in bacteriological testing.

Prepared 5th September 201






Water testing using field kits.

Photos from the training

Group photo of course participants with 25 participants, 11 from MRRD, 2 Kabul University, 2 FRRD, 3 Dacaar, 2 from MEW, 2 from AGS, including course presenters, 2 from MAIL

Photo taken outside RuWatSIP building at MRRD.

Session from laboratory starting with sampling and filtration of samples
Relaxing after a nice lunch... Stoveland, Latif (MEW) and Hassan (DACAAR) Preparing for filtering sample prior to analysis.
Opening training program Stoveland and Abrar standing introducing the course concerns and objectives


Practical training in analyzing for bacteria for Total Coliform (37degC) and thermo tolerant Coliform (44decC)

Training on day 2 of lab course given by Eng Frederic Patigny, WHO.

Closeup photo of Wagtech portable kit Eng Soraya, Frederic Patigny (WHO) and prof Eqrar
Eng Hashim (AGS) Hassan (DACAAR), Jalil (MRRD), Latif (MEW), Ramazan (MRRD) Frederic Patingy, Eng Ahad (MRRD) and Prof Eqrar,
Frederic delivering the training course supported by Dr. Khalilurahman (DACAAR)
Project coordinator Eng. M A. Safi closing the training course. Prof. Eqrar, Dr. Stoveland, Dr. Khalilurahman, Eng. Jaweed, Eng. Madaser.
Eng Abrar, preparing for issuing course certificates Dr. Stoveland issuing certificate to Eng Masood (MEW)
  Prof. Eqrar with summary of course program