Photos TC 5.10.2 Qualtty Control Worshop.

Course organized and implemented by Norplan at RuWatSIP, MRRD. Responsible Dr S. Stoveland supported by Prof. Eqrar, Eng. Abrar. and with good support from Eng Khalirahman, DACAAR. Luckson Katsi from UNICEF gave presentation.

Prepared Feb. 2015






Quality Control Workshop participants.

Photos from the training workshop.

Opening session with Prof. Eqrar standing, and on his right, Eng. M.A.Safi, MRRD, Luckson Katsi, UNICEF, and Eng. Abar. On the left of prof. Svein Stoveland, course manager.

Eng Safi, Abrar, Luckson and Dr Bashir, MOPH, while Habib at the door. Svein presenting with people from MOPH, MRRD; DACAAR and MEW on his right.
Group discussions with people from ANSA, MOPH and university. Eng. Latif, MEW, with his group with Khalirahman, DACAAR and Dr. Sabiullah, MRRD.
  During closing ceremony.