Photos from training course TC 4.4 Introduction to Online GIS Maps

Course no. 4.4 organized and implemented by Norplan at RuWatSIP, MRRD, responsible Andreas de Jong supported by Prof. Zarinkhail

Prepared 5th September 2014






Photos of course participants

Photos from the training

Opening of training course with Project coordinator in MRRD Eng M. A Safi, seated at the top of the table which course trainer Andreas de Jong is standing on the top right. with Prof. Eqrar standing on the left, and Prof Zarinkhail on next.

Course coordinator, Prof Zarinkhail with Andreas de Jong. All courses where English speaking international experts have translators for Dari. Like in this course this means teaming up with a local expert who can be the potential trainer for the next course.


All participants have a laptop for the training. This is essential since the course in training participants in Online development of ArcGIS Maps.