Photos from Training Course TC 4.12 -III , Data Management ACCESS Database

Held in September at RuWatSIP conference room and organized by NORPLAN

Course organizer and presenter: Eng Attah Nohammad Mutmaeen. Supporting presenter Prof. Zarinkhail







All course participants. September 2014

Project news flash
Course presenter Eng. Attah Mohammad Murmaeen Prof. Eqrar explaining key issues during tutorial discussions
Course participants Course participants at work
The presenters all working with their own PCs. For those not having own laptops the project provides training laptops procured for the training courses.
Certificates presented ..
Presentation of certificates, presenter Mutmaeen with Prof. Zarinkhail near the door Prof Zarinkhail presenting course certificate to Amanuddig Ahmadi from the MIS/GIS unit in RuWatSIP
Prof Zarinkhail presenting course certificate to female student.

Prof Eqrar presenting.

All participants receive nicely prepared certificates showing attendance of the specific courses.

The course organizers and presenters- A strong team work