Photos from Geophysical Surveying (DC Resistivity Survey Planning, Data Collection and Interpretation) course started 10th June 2013

Course no. 1.2 in the training plan, organised by Andreas de Jong, Norplan


Click here for video from field work



Geophysica Surveying date: 10th June - 18th June 2013
Prof. Eqrar charing the opening cermony, on his right Dir. Hakami from MRRD View of participants.
The course presenter Andreas de Jong and Prof. Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah  

  Above is list of participants for course
Drilling in the street in front of MRRD Drilling in progress

Field work. from left,J.Anwari, Ali Poya,Ramazan

Andreas, Jawid

Participants testing Syscal Pro instruments for restitity analysis outside MRRD compound
Andreas in discussion with Jalil Anwari (MRRD) Hassan ( DACAAR) discussing techniques with Andreas

Setup for resistivity analysis. All participants recording readings for later interpretations in the class.

When its hot and dry, electricity flows better in the ground with added water. Pegs are watered to get electricity though the dry upper layer of soils. (Good trick Andreas brought to Kabul :)

Training on modelling of restivity soundings, participants from MEW consentrating ID inversion of VES, (vertical electrical sounding) using GeoVES. (Modelling of subsurface resistivities)
Everybody working hard on interpretation of data using computer modelling. Hard work! Stretching out the lines requires coordination. The walkie talkie works
Andreas is a little hot The senior hydrogeologists at work, Hassan and Jalil with Poya in the middle learning very fast!!
The above illustration show how geophysical profile data collected from the field can bemoddeled using RES2DINV software for ease of interpretation of ground water potential.