Photos from Training Course 1.5 covering Well Hydraulics

Course no. 1.5 in the training plan, organized by Andreas de Jong assisted by Professor Eqrar and Professor Noor

Course from 7th of October 2013 and running for 7 days.





Well Hydraulics Training Course
Photos from the training


Prof. Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah translating the training course introductory lecture by Andreas de Jong,
Professor Eqrar presents his own experience and clarifies some questions during the course
Questions from participants and answering the questions from Prof. Eqrar during the course in well hydraulics
Course participants hard at work analysing Step Discharge Pumping Test Data

Important refreshment

The participants expect tea and lunch. The training support team from the Norplan office consisting of Naseer, (training logistics officer, right) Habib (office security ) and Farid ( not here) have been extremely busy.

I think everybody have been enjoying the lunches which makes a good break during a day with hectic training.

It has been a formidable job when the courses has had as many as 47 participants!!.


Day 2 of the course was more focus of calculations and exercises. Here was full need for pen and paper as well as laptops and diagrams for explanations how to do technical calculations. Andreas de Jong and Prof. Noor were handling the training in the RuWatSIP conference room.

Practical explanations of the Hantush- Bierschenk method Eng. Abdulkhalid (left) and Eng Abdullahezam finished their calculations
From left: Eng. Sakhidad (FRRD) Eng. Abdulmalik (FRRD), Eng. Jawad (FRRD), Eng Hadi (DACAAR) From left: Eng Abdulhamid (AGS) and Eng Abdulwadood (MEW)
From left: Eng Ewaz Ali Poya (MRRD) and Eng. Mir Ahmad Shah (MRRD) hart at work. From left: Eng Mohammad Hussain (MRRD), Eng Ahmad Samir (MEW), Eng. Ahmad Siyar (MEW)
 Prof. Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah explains the Thiem steady state equation for confined aquifers.  From right: Eng. Ramazan Akbari (MRRD), Eng. Ahmad Jawid (DACAAR) working together.
 From left: Eng. Abdul Ahad (MRRD), Eng. Ramazan (MRRD), Eng. Mohammad Salim (MEW), Eng. Mirwais (FRRD)  No time for tea and biscuits!


Day 3 with focus on test pumping and data interpretation

  Prof. Noor explaining caldulations from test pumping data
Prof. Noor and international expert Andreas de Jong teaming up for training with good technical explanations in English and Dari languages.
Habib brought Pizza for lunch! Prof. Eqrar making commets which Eng. N. Abrar is listening