Photos from Training Course 1.3 covering Well Drilling Methods

Course no. 1.3 in the training plan, organized by Andres de Jong and Prof Eqrar with support many other resource persons and translators

Course from 28th of September 2013 and running for 4 days.



Click on photo above to see many more photos from the field training and drilling demonstration.


Rig provided by MEW











Well Drilling Methods
Photos from the training


The interest for the courses seem to be on the increase. This time 47 persons attended the second day.

Prof Eqrar, the national training expert for the project and Eng N. Abrar keeping an eye on things.

Eng. Hassan Safi from Dacaar at his presentation with Eng. Poya watching Well drilling methods and construction.
Questions and discussions after the presentation Comments and discussion facilitated by Eng. Abrar
Eng. Poya from MRRD with his presentation  
Eng. Ramin Mehri from AUWSSC presentation on organization and urban development Organization diagram for AUWSSC
Presentation byEng. Assadullah Yousofi from MEW generated much interest and discussion.
Eng. Ehssanullah Bayat from NCA giving his presentation Discussing efficient well development techniques
A well deserved lunch after an intensive morning session
Many participants Below snapshots from group-work
The MRRD Group The AUWSSC Group
AGS group  
Eng. Ramazan reporting for MRRD Najeebullah ( student) reporting for AUWSSC
Eng. Abdul Mamid reporting for MEW Eng. Ab. Hayat reporting for AGS
Deputy team leader Eng. N. Abrar is there facilitating discussions keeping view of the project objectives.. Naseer ( left) and Farid, from the Norplan office provide the important logistics for running the courses.. and for providing the teas, snacks and lunches.. Well done.
Eng Assadullah at MEW lab assisted by Eng. Assadullah Yousuf and Eng Mamed. Participants
Sieve analysis calculations  
Inspecting the MEW rig Prof. Eqrar explains about well casing
Eng. Assadullah and Eng. Ali explaining well casting and screens Iron Casing. Eng. Janagh from MEW expaning use
Drill bits Pumps or hydraulic ram used when drilling in hard rock
Training logistics officer Naseer preparing course DVDs for the use of course participants Course evaluation by participants
Course evaluation by participants Eng. N. Abrar summaries before preparing for wrapping up course and issuing of course certificates
Hydrogeologist Andreas de Jong issuing course certificate Professor N. Eqrar issuing course certificate
Eng. Doreez, training coordinator at RuWatSIP issuing training certificates.