Photos from GIS Course for hydrogeologists 23- 25th June 2013

Course held at RuWatSIP, MRRD




The Course in Introduction to GIS for Hydrogeologists was organized by Prof. Zarinkhail, with presentations by Munir from MAIL, Hassan from DACAAR and de Jong from NORPLAN. The course was arranged in the RuWATSIP conference room in MRR. All participants were given the opportunity to try hands-on how hydrogeological data can be converted to information presented nicely on hydrogeological maps.
Ground water investigation course 29th April - 5th May 2013
Prof. Zarihkhail at the opening presentation explaining what GIS is and how this works. Eng. Abrar listening. Munir from MAIL giving a presentation on how GIS is used in government organizations. How and who. Munir has also worked in MRRD for many years and knows well the challenges to be resolved in establishing sustainable organization and facilities in government institutions.
Hassan from DACAAR focused on the use of Hydrogeo Analyst software in this presentation Listen to Hassans presentation, Hassan's on the right.
Many participants from Ministry of Energy and Water ( at the back) while Poya in front is from RuWatSIP, MRRD. Hadi from Faryab
Eng Abrar introducing discussion on use of GIS for hydrogeologists and water engineers alike. The participants are actively participating in the discussions.

Andreas presented applied uses of GIS and showed how data from Faryab could be imported into ArcGIS and presented in a map template as shown below.

This is the early draft formats of presenting some of the Faryab data on the map. Little remain before more of the information is ready for presentation and the system for data presentation is finalized.

Andreas has a lot of experience form many countries on how the hydrogeological data can be made very accessible and useful on hydrogeological maps whether you are a planner, water engineer, driller or health inspector.