Photos from TC 1.8:
Borewell Logging, May - June 2015

Practical training conducted by Andreas de Jong.






Training on borehole in MRRD car park
.Date: 16- 25th May 2015
Boreholes in MRRD car park selected for logging First hand-pump must be removed.
Logger set up. Andreas preparing tripod All ready for TV inspection.
TV camera control unit. Top water level at 9.3 meters
Casing slots observed at 12.6 meter below surface Bottom of well at 30 meters, with debris and silt.
Andreas, Ramazan and Poya Mansor. Ramazan and Jalil handling the camera tool.
Tools carefully replace in the box.  
Classroom training- Theoy behind the tools
A small select grup being trained for runng the well loggers. Hard at work using software to analyse data
This makes only sens for a few!! Jawid and Andrea discussing loggin data collected in the field
Well logging at Wapica, Ministry of Energy and Water,
TW-3- Ministry of Mines, Pule Charki
  Javid ready to mamage the winch in the logger vehicle
The team assembly the tripod, but the legs are too short or the casing too hign. Need to improvise or to order longer legs for the tripod. Imrovised solution is to tie two legs to the casing as shown. Hassan and Mansoor in in the logger
Starting looking in the well. Water level can be seen deep down. This is seen inside the steel casing only 3.1 meters below the ground. Then a fire started next door.. but fortunately is was quickly put out.
Logging in progress again. Andreas, Hassan Ramasan with Bashir seen outside TV logging tool dismantled, cleaned and ready to be put away. Ramazan(MRRD) and Bashir (MEW) handlng this.

Training using different tool
Date:25th May
The green box containing all tools except camera Caliper tool endered carefully in the borehole ready for data collection.
Logger set up ready for work. Data recorded on the laptop-
Manzoor, Ramazan from MRRD and Hamid and Bashir from MEW. Camera tool with cetralisers in separate box
Installing camera with full team from MEW, MEW and DACAAR Mansoor and Hassan viewing monitor.
Back to the office for processing. Work plan for well logging in mid June

Borehole logging at Medical University Kabul
..Date: 16th June 2015
Kabul Medical Universith  
Borehole drilled recently by MRRD. Positioning the well logger.