Photos from TC 1.10:
Well Construciton and Test Pumping Couse for Junior Professionals and Students, 25th - 29th January 2014

Course held at RuWatSIP, MRRD




Training course participants gathered to follow the testpumping at a borehole just in from of MRRD headquaerters in Kabul.
Equipment in place and before starting the compressors all well specifications are recorded by the participants and the static water level is measured. More that 30 course participants follow the demonstration.
Equipment in place with compressors and pumps ready for first cleaning borehole and then test pumping. This is part of the practical part for the test-pumping training course for junior professionals and students organized at RuWatSIP.
The initial water being flushed out of the well is turbid and "dirty" at professor Eqrar demonstrated with the water in the glass he is holding in front of the participants. The flushing must continue till the water is free from sand, silt and clay.
Equipment and piping arrangement for the work
Participants watching, taking notes and posing questions to Prof Eqrar and Eng Hassan from DACAAR.
After completion of well construction and test pumping theory the participants discuss the practical applications in the field as shown here.
Participants follow up with course work in between theory and field work.
Closing session of the course. National Adviser Eng M.Safi addressing the participants which Eng. Abrar and Prof Eqrar contributes. Certificates being issued to the participants.