Provincial workshops and meetings



Provincial introductory workshop with Governor in 3rd Nov 2012

Launch workshop in Maymane, Faryab held 3rd November 2012. From Kabul Eng. A. Safi and Dr. Taib (RuWatSIP), Eng. N. Abrar ( NORPLAN) and Hydrogeologist M.Hassan, (DACAAR)

During this meeting the Hydrogeology project was introduced as a follow up of the inception workshop. It was also necessary to organise this launch workshop as to get the support from the Provincial government to start the field work planned for the hydrogeological survey.

From the province, many had head a little about the project from the Ministers speech during the inception report and had great expectations for physical development for water supplies in the province. The MRRD representatives and NORPLAN conveyed that this was primarily a capacity building project for mapping the ground water resources in the province. For many, it was hard to understand that so much resources as was indicated for the project would focus on surveys and training and not physical water supply development.

Meeting DACAAR provincial office 22.04.12

The project team visited DACAARs office in Maymane. The project team was introduced the DACAARs field team including the field hydrologiest Hadi working closely with Hassan.

Discussions was made concerning sustainability of water supply facilities in the province where DACAAR has been implementing borewells with handpumps, and smaller piped schemes. The operation and management system was again discussed.

DACAAR mentioned that the security situation in the province had deteriorated and much of the field work has to be adjusted depending on security situation.

Meeting NCA 22.04.13


NCA very kindly provide accommodation in Maymane to the team. This was most welcome since the hotel in town was fully occupied.


Discussions were held with the Regional representative form NCA, Eng. Moh. Hashim Ashpari. NCA has project particularly in the Andhoi area but also activities near Maymane.

NCA also expressed concerns about the security situation which made travelling between Maymane and Andhoi very dangerous and difficult.

In the north, NCA had been working in areas where the ground water was saline. In such places they had installed a number of smaller desalination plants. These were working quite well, but NCA was concerned that most facilities were dependent on NCA for continued operation and support.

NCA was very positive to cooperate and support activates with the HGS project where appropriate.

When discussing the provincial request for support to water supply to towns/ villages covering Damqul, Astana Baba and Surhab. NCA said that they had already planned a development project for Surhab and the village there should receive a desalination plant. In Damqul area, NCA has developed a well for drip irrigation to a tree planting area.

Provincial PDC meeting with Governor 23.04.13

The Project team from Kabul with Eng, Naeem and Hydrologist Jalil from MRRD, and Dr. Stoveland and Eng : Abrar from NORPLAN and Hydrogeologist Hassan from DACAAR. The project team was invited to present the project to the PDC chaired by the new Governor, Dr Mohammadullah Batash .

After Eng. Naeem had introduced the general background for the project, Stoveland and Abrar presented the project objective and plans. Engineering Hassan explained the monitoring and field work in progress and its importance for Faryab to have a good knowledge baseline for planning future water supply development.

There were discussion after the presentation and the Governor expressed this appreciation for the important project and the PDC agreed that RRD would be the provincial coordinator and link for following up the provincial project activities.

Again the Governor focussed on the need to find sustainable solutions. We was worried about larger project which was developed and not working like scheme for Andhoi. He was also concerned about the dysfunctional schemes not operational including water supply networks and desalination plants.

The provincial government need to identify 5-6 possible rural towns or settlement areas for water supply development. Time did not allow to go into such detailed discussions during the meeting. Although only 3 towns will be planned in detail, more choice of areas are needed in case some areas are not possible for development or if other agencies has already planned for activities in the same areas.

Meeting RRD, Faryab 23.04.2013

The Head of programme Popal in RRD, explained that RRD did not implement any water supply directly themselves but assisted in supervision together with UNICEF personnel of implementation of 20 borewells contracted by CDCs and developed by local contractors. The borewells were funded by UNICEF.

During the discussion it became clear that there was limited data collection nor design assistance to the projects. There were need for technical training of local staff.