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30th October 2015

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Status as of October 2015


For information of how the training plan has been modified or adjusted with additional and complementary courses see details below. Completed courses highlighted with yellow background

Training Matrices

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Course plan April 2012, Inception

Course plan May 2013, After first course and engagement of addn. expert de Jong. Training plan as of February 2014



For other details and reports from individual courses see training course reports on separate page

Update on training progress by 1st November 2015






Training participants from different ministries shown in % based on total of 576 course participants from all ministries. Some ministries were hardly represented as Municipalities, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education.



As can be seen above, 69% of participants come from RuWatSIP, followed by participants from engineering department (16%) and RRD in Faryab (11%). Total participants from MRRD has so far been 379.

How many participants attended more than one course?

The diagram shows the how many courses all of the 359 persons have attended during the project.




Summary of Course Evaluation



The result shows that there is always room for improvement. Peoples expectations to training is often inked to the information given before the courses. This could always be improved. Fortunately that most found the courses relevant. There is always room for improvement is inviting the appropriate candidates for training
The score is fairly good. There are always people who want more training. Particularly younger staff and students wants longer training session while senior staff have difficulties in being away from the office