Development of Well Logger Vehicle

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Design Suggestions date: December 2104
  Dimensions and possible design.

Trial to test equipment in vcehicle
Winch and tools seem to fit well inside the car Room also for perators. The whole MRRD team is being consulted for best arrangements.

Logger 4WD land-cruiser

The photos above and right shows the general nature of the vehicle MRRD collocated for the project.

On top right, the vehicle is brought to Toyota for advice how best to organize the design and construction of the compartment so as to fit both equipment and logger operators.

Unpacking Logging Equipment
date: December 14

Above, logging probes  
Above box contains camera well packed All equipment was very well packed and protected as can be seen from the very solid wooden boxes containing the equipment

Logger Vehicle Rebuilt at Toyota 9 th Feb 2015
Logger completely relined inside. All is ready now to start fitting the winch and logging equipment for safe mounting and fitting of the delicate equipment.
Note the windows have been sealed nicely making it possible to open up later if necessary
More shots of inside view. Looks like a very nice and good job by Toyota.

Logger Vehicle Fitted with equipment 9 th Feb 2015
Eng Poya from MRRD is inspecting the fixing of equipment in the logger. Good leg space and all seems to be in good place well fitted.
Under the table, the the logging control unit and other equipment and documents can be placed for safe transport.

Logger Vehicle Fitted Ready for commissioning 17th March 2015
Logger vehicle ready to travel. Winch covered. Tool box firmly secured on bracket with tightening straps. The generator is securely fasten to the floor and positioned so that it balances the weight of the winch when they travel. The bench seat is folded up on the left hand side so it does not rattle and so that other equipment can be placed on the floor before traveling. Looks great and ready for commissioning which will be the next step.
Andreas thanks Wahid Qaderi of Toyota Kabul, for doing an excellent job. Location of generator.
3 KVA generator placed firmly for transport. Seating folded away during travel.
Final inspection by head of hydrogeologist Jamalludin  

Project news flash
Overview of commissioning of logger vehicle.
Unused borehole at MRRD to be used as calibration borehole ( and for equipment tests) Placing pulley over the borehole
Vehicle in position, and generator taken out and linked up for power supply for winch and equipment Andreas setting up the control unit ready for testing.
The Video tool found and ready for use Video sonde fixed to the control and which and lowered into the borehole.
Jamaluddin, Andreas de Jong and Poya ready to test the equipment. All seated inside the logger. All ready for testing. Control unit and winch all linked and ready
Lowering camera and seeing first joint in casing. Glue seems to have been running down inside casing. Here we can see that instead of mounting prefactured┬┤red screen, slots have been made in the PVC casing to let in the the water.
At the bottom of the well, a cigarette box! Someone used the well as a dustbin. Packing away the equipment after use. For storage, the sondes are stored inside in the store in the RuWatSIP/ Norplan store.

Click right to see well logger video. This version is 50MB size so allow a little time for downloading. ( 2 minutes). Show camera in use.