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Geophysical Investigations in Faryab and visit to Damquil and Governor
.date: November 2013
Geophysical investigations in Faryab. Staff from MRRD, DACAAR and Norplan travelled to Faryab for geophysical investigations. Two teams was organised one by MRRD led by Eng. Jalil and the other by DACAAR led buy Eng Hassan. While the staff were there visits were also made to Damquil to see possible rural town for planning water supplies. Extensive meetings were also held with Governor in Faryab.
Meeting Governor to report on project progress and discuss how to identify towns for planning of water supplies. Technology options and sustainability issues were also extensively discussed and visit to see existing water supplies and Damquil village as potential new area for new supply.
Field visit to Maymane to survey finalise for suitable drilling sites for exploratory drilling as well as seeking agreement with land owners that MRRD would be allowed to drill and to monitor exploratory wells. (July 2014)
Toyota 4WD landcruiser rebuilt for use as well logger vehicle. See details of design and development

Exploratory drilling in Faryab September 2014
Exploratory drilling in Faryab. Fig moved to Maymane in September 2014. Initially planned to drill 5 production wells and 3 observation wells. Photos giv e good illustration of work. Senior hydrogeologist Jalil leading the MRRD team drilling using MRRD rig.

Well logger vehicle under development December 2014
With Andreas in the lead, the MRRD team of hydrogeologists unpacked the logging equipment and looked for the best and most appropriate design for the well logging vehicle. It would be important that the vehicle kept the equipment safe while at the same time it gave room for all equipment and operator(s)

Training Courses- Hydrogeology
From september 2013:

Ground water investigations. Course 1.1. First course. Key presenter Prof. Najaf, supported by Prof Eqrar and DACAAR for field water testing demonstrations

Geophysical investigation Course 1.2. organised by Andreas de Jong. Extensive practical training orgnised at MRRD compound. ( Also video produced)

Left: Drilling methods. Traing with much support from Ministry of Energy and Water. Course 1.3

Right, photos from classroom training.

Opening course Well Hydraulics. Course 1.5. Course designed by Andreas de Jong
Opening course Provincial Hydrological surveys. Course 1.7. Coursed developed by David Banks based on prepared hydrogeological survey methodology. Banks with support of Prof. Noor and Prof Eqrar.


Training course TC 1.4 in Water Well Design. From 15 to 18th of December 2013, run at RuWatSIP conference room. Course planned and organsised by Andreas de Jong.
Training course 2.5 in Well construction and test pumping orgnised in Mazaar but Dacaar.

Training course 1.9 covering geophysical well logging data interpretation.

Course organised by Andreas de Jong and helt between 18 to 21st of Octobe 2015. ( (Click on icon to the left to see course photos)


Training course TC 1.11.2 covering Interpretation of data from testpumping undertaken in Faryab on exploratory wells sunk there during the project.

Course organised by Andreas de Jong and helt 25th and 26th of Octobe 2015. ( (Click on icon to the left to see course photos)

Training courses - GIS
ArcGIS Database (TC 4.2) and ArcGIS Spatial Analysis (TC 4.3) courses organised in August 2013. Key presenter was Abdullah Barat which Prof. Zarinkhail orgnaised the course for IT staff.
GIS for Hydrogeologists. Course 4.10. Course orgnaised and implemented by Prof. Zarinkhail and Andreas de Jong. Course organised in June 2013.
Cartography course , TC. 4.9 organised by Prof Zarinhkail and Andreas de Jong. Course held at RuWatSIP conference room 10-11th Demcember 2013.
Training course held in September 2014 covering introduction of Online ArcGIS maps. TC. 4.4 prepared and delivered by Andreas de Jong supported by Prof Zarinhkail.
Training course held in Septermer for course 4.12_II organised presented by Eng. Mutnaeem, and supported by Prof. Zarinkhail and Prof. Eqrar. Course held 27th September to 1st of October 2014
Training course TC 4.7 covering Data Management, importation of Data from Excel and Access software for use in developing online maps. Course organized by Andreas de Jong and run from 1st of December 2014 at RuWatSIP.
Training course TC 4.5 covering Practical use of online GIS Maps. Course. Course organized by Andreas de Jong and run from 9th of December 2014 at RuWatSIP.

Advanced course in ArcGIS online. Course run 27th and 28th of Octiber 2015,

TC. 4.6 prepared and delivered by Andreas de Jong supported by Prof Zarinhkail.


Training courses- Water and Sanitation
Operation and maintenance of water supplies. Training course 5.3.Course delivered by DACAAR.
Course in Social aspects for water and sanitation. Course 5.4 implemented by DACAAR
2nd trainig course in operation and maintenance for rural water supplies. Implemented by Dacaar August 2014 Only one photo

Water testing in field and in lab and quality assurance/control
Course in water laboratory quality control. Course run by Norplan and UNICEF in RuWatSIP. Course presenters Dr Stoveland and Eng. A. Sabour, UNICEF (Also video)
Training courses in Maymane covering GPS registration and water quality testing in the field. Course organized by Hassan and Jawed from DACAAR. (also see videos from same courses. Course TC 2.3
Trining course in water testing using field kits. TC 5.8 organised at RuWatSIP for 4 days from 7th of September 2014. Participants ( 23) came from MEED, RRD Faryab, MEW, AGS, DACAAR, Kabul University. Course presented by Dr. Stoveland, Prof, Eqrar, Eng Abrar, Eng F. Patigny ( WHO) with support of DACAAR ( Eng Hassan and eng Jawed)

Water Technology Development and Testing
Solar stills, experimentation in 2014.

Membrane Filtration tests: The Sky Juice micro membrane filtration unit called the Sky Hydrant was bought in two copies for testing under the project. The technoligy looked exciting, and the units were produced by an NGO in Australia. The unit removes turbidity and bacteria with a very small pore opening og 0.04 microns. ( Bacteria size is about 1 micron or more)

The units stand for the head or feeder tank was manuractured in Kabul and the unit was set up for testing and demonstration at MRRD. The norwegian student Cecilie Kolstad lead the initial testing assisted by Yasir. Samples were analysed at the RuWatySIP lab.

Solar stills, experimentation in 2015.
Visit Faryab May 2013 Governor Meeting and visit Damquil: May 2013
  to be presented- under construction
Project Launch Workshop in Faryab: November 2013
  to be presented- under construction
Annual Meeting NORAD- MRRD: Nov 2012
  to be presented- under construction
Bridging Workshop February 2013
  to be presented- under construction
Eng N. Abrar visits Norway in August 2013.

Engineer Abrar project manager for the Norplan office in Kabul visited Norway in August 2013. He met senior management in Norplan and the accounts department so as to get aquinted witht he accounting procedures in Norplan.

Abrar visited the beautiful shouth coast of Norway as well as Oslo, the capital city.

Inception Workshop .date: February 2012
  to be presented- under construction
Norplan Office in Kabul .
Norplan office in located in the RuWatSIP building within the MRRD compound in West Kabul ( Duraman Area)
Ministry of Energy and Water Strategic Workshop December 2013
Meeting in MEW to discuss how the mnistry should organise the ground water sector after the responsiblity for ground water resources had been transferred from Ministry of Mines to Ministry of Energy and Water.
Visit to Norway, Annual review NORAD
A team from MRRD including Deputy Minister in MRRD, Tariq Ismati, Director Ghulam Qader and National Adviser Afzal Safi , all MRRD visited Norway together with Eng. N Abrar Norplan Kabul for the annual meeting between MRRD and NORAD for 2013. Visits were also made to key Norwegian institutions which where possible institutional corporation could be developed.
Well Logging Equipment procured by MRRD/ Norplan project
The photos shown the well logging equipment and its ocmponents. the Equipment was procured mid 2013 for training and well analysis under the project.