Photos from Field visit to Maymane for Hdrogeological survey and for seeking landowners approval for exploratory drilling on their land

Field team from MRRD led by Sen. hydrogeologist Eng Jalil with support of Eng Massod

Also working with RRD in Faryab. July 2014.





Surveying the field east (Turpakhtu village) of the Maymane Airport. Different landowners signing agreement allowing the project in RuWatSIP, MRRD to proceed with drilling exploratory wells.

( Above center Eng Jalil, RuWatSIP)




Site for another drilling location, west of Maymane Airport. The land is flat and accessible for drilling equipment Landowner signing agreement.




Signing agreement in RRDs office in Maymane

Director, seen in the rear. landowner er signing, Jalil supervising