Photos from Exploratory Drilling in Faryab

Drilling 1st Borehole, Maymane, September 2014
Drilling 2nd borehole, Maymane October 2014


Photos listed as drilling is progressing





Drilling Rig on location. ( Well No 1)
21 st September 2014

Close up photo of rid.
Photos from Faryab -by Eng Hadi, DACAAR, Comments by Prof Eqrar date: 25-27th September 2014

Sen. hydrogeologist, Jalil MRRD leading the team ( Fig3) Ground formation recorded for expert interpretation.
Drilling 2nd Well. date: October 2014

Take preparation for drilling operation on second well of exploratory production well drilling well in Faryab province

  Rotary drilling rig during drilling operation on second exploratory production well in Faryab province
  Drilling continues on 2nd borehole.
Finishing 2nd Well. November
  Location of the second borehole outside Maymane
  Drill cuttings from the borehole at 90 meters depth. Photo to the left is washed sample to look at the nature of the cuttings.
Update Drilling photos 9th Nov. 2014
  Good Progress on second borehole