National GIS Conference
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Key Addresses




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Overview conference center
  HE Deputy Minister Atiqullah Khawasi, (right) and Director Ghulam Qader at the opening ceremony. Eng Abrar, Norplan (left)
  All participants waiting for the omening of the conference

Dr. Stoveland and Eng. Abrar giving an opening presentation . Prof. Zarinkhail and Eng Andreas de Jong at the table.

Conference participants in from the the conference banner.


Photos of presenters and participants
Overview of conference opening sessions
Director Qader and Deputy Minister Atiqullah Khawasi Prof. Zarinkhail and Andreas de Jong explaing conference objectives
Conference speaker, Naseeir Ahmad Nzsari Eng. Hazibullah Samadi, OGCHO, presenting
Zemaray Hamidi, RUWatSIP, MRRD presenting MIS and GIS activities Hassan Safi, presenting GIS used for displaying functionality of Water supplies surveyed by DACAAR
Eng. S. Mukhtar, from MEW presenting ministries use of GIS Dr. Svein Stoveland presenting.
TIme for teabreak
Eng Ehsan Bayat, NCA


Pictures Day 2
Project news flash
Prof Zarinkhail inviting Hashmatullah Omid from MEW/ FAO office to present their use of GIS to  
Eng. M.A. Safi, MRRD presenting observations and lessons received from conference presentations Abdul Barat, presenting GIS solutions for producing Land Use Atlas at MAIL
Professon Noor Ahmad Akhunzada from Kabul University presenting GIS in university curriculum. Andreas de Jong presenting use of GIS for the Norad funded capacity building project for Faryab for ground water mapping.

for Declaration
Group work nr 4 Group work 1
Group No 2 Group nr.3
Finishing discussions, Prof Eqrar, Stoveland, Abrar, de Jong, Findings by Group 3 presented by Samadi,

Dir. Ghulam Qader, RuWatSIP, MRRD
Eng M.A.Safi, Prof Eqrar and director Qader during the conference closing session.
The last to leave the confernce..