National Groundwater Conference

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Norplan team photo

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Overview conference center
  His Excellency Zia Masood opening the National Groundwater Conference at Marmareen Palace
  All dignitaries and participants present at the opening.
  More than 200 people attended the morning session.

- Speeches and addresses
HE. Zia Masood, Special Envoy of the President Hon. Minister Eng Ali Ahmad Osman
Eng. Mina Ghalib. Afghanistan Engineers' Association (AEA) Deputy Min. Attiqullah Khawasi , Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD)
Deputy Min. Shujauddin Ziaie, Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW) Deputy Min. Eng. Amiruddin Salik Ministry of Urban Development (MUDA)
Deputy Min. Mohammad Osman Babury, Min. of Higher Education (MoHE) Eng. Sayed Abrar. Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL)
Director General, Dad Mohammad Baheer Afghanistan Urban Water and Sewerage Corp. ( AUWSSC) Dr. Zabihullah Mujaddidy, Chairman of Society of Afghanistan Architects Association
Sven Grantz, German Development Bank, KFW Country Director Mr Tomio, FAO
Hans Wolding, Asian Development Bank Mir Ahmad, World Bank

( see presentations on separate page)

Eng. Shobair, (MEW/FAO)presenting status and sector overview Eng. Abrar and Dr. Stoveland presenting gaps and challenges
David Banks and Prof Eqrar Norplan, paring during presentation. Eng. Afzal Safi presenting Hydrogeological planning in Afghanistan.
Andreas de Jong, Norplan, presenting IT options for hydrogeological data management and presentations Eng. Najibullah Masoomyar, (MAIL)operational manager of AUWSSC
Assadullah Yousuf (MEW) presenting JICA study data from groundwater in Kabul Svein Stoveland analyzing strengths and weaknesses and indicated possible way forward
Eng. Noor presenting Sanitation management options , Dir Qader chairing session. Eng Hassan Safi from DACAAR presenting survey water quality data from all of Afghanistan. Never a dull moment when he is present!
Eng Tookhi during presentation of Strategic groundwater planning presentation Prof Eqrar presenting local capacities and gaps
Eng Mohammad Fayez fayez, GIZ, Eng Soresh, FAO consultant presenting
Eng M.A.Safi, MRRD Director Qader chairing session

for Declaration ( Parallel session)
Eng Abrar consulting Eng Shobair in one of he groups Andreas de Jong working with Ehssan Bayat
Group2 Group 1
Ehsan Bayat and Tookhi in discussions  
Photo mix 1
Svein focusing on the way forward and the need for coordination Cameramen to communicate the event were most welcome.
Conference in progress. Qader charing, Shobair discussing with Stoveland and prof. Zarinkhail to organize presentations.

Picture Mix 2
Participants 2nd day following presentations and discussions.
Lunch photos
  The food was definitely good!

Deputy Min. Shujauddin Ziaie, (MEW)
  Deputy Minister Ziaie during the closing speech.

Group Photos
  Group picture of the group present at after the closure of the conference. Deputy Minister Ziaie in the center front surrounded by the conference enthusiasts!.

  Sen. Hydrogeologist David Banks, Team leader Dr. Svein Stoveland , Deputy team leader Eng Naqibullah Abrar, Prof. Naim Eqrar, Sen. Hydrogeologist Andreas de Jong, Prof. Zarinkhail