Software acquired under project


Under construction


Software no date description where used
Adobe Creative Suite 6 1 22nd Feb 2012 Software for design and web: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweawer, Indesign Team leader, Norplan
ArcGIS 1 April For GIS presentation of data in electroinic maps, ESRI supply Norplan, Kabul, Zarinkhail
Aquifer test 2 May 2013 For testing capacity of ground water aquifers using pump testing data, AQTSTP dongle supplied Norplan, Kabul
IX1D 2 May 2013 Software for analysing data collected with Syscal pro equipment. ( MRRD already have to instruments, supplied by Interpex, Canada Norplan Kabul training
RES2DINV 2 May 2013 Software for analyse of groundwater potentials, From Geotomo Software Norplan, Kabul, training

Hydro GeoAnalyst

1 Sept 2013 Software from Slumberger. Very specialist software Norplan, Kabul , training
AquaChem 1 Sept 2013 Software from Slumberger. TO be used during training to be delivered by Hassan DACAAR focussing on chemical analysis of water and its interpretations Norplan, Kabul , training
MS Office: Mac 1 July 2014 Software Mac Laptop team leader (replacement when old laptop crashed and lisence lost) Norplan Office HQ/ Stoveland