Equipment acquired under project

Listing equipment ordered/received.

revised Dec. 2015



Photo no date description where used
300 Jan13

205 x 500 bottles

100 ml sampling bottles
100 ml syringes
100 fillters

DACAAR, sampling Faryab,

bottles consumed and used.

3 In Toyota Hilux Twin Cap(Inception procucurement list)

in bonded warehouse from sept 2013 - delivered to Norplan 19th January 2014



2nd April 13

HP colour printer , duplex, ) two to be purchased (Inception procucurement list)

Norplan office

MIS-GIS Office

1 1.2.13 Flow meter for measuring river flows Handed to Dacaar for Faryab field work

Office furniture,

5 desks , one table, Shelves,

Main Norplan office
3   Cameras, compact for field work Dacaar field work
3   GPS Garmin, for well coordinates, and sampling points for field surveys , Dacaar
2 14.01.13 Field alkalinity water test kits Dacaar field work
5 11.11.2012 IPADS, ( Inception equipment list) Norplan: Stoveland, Abrar, Qader, Zarinkhail, dir PRRD
3   PC laptops, Zarinkhil, Ramzia, Eqrar
2   Desk PC Norplan office

HP Fratbed Scanner, with continuus feed and one A3 scanner


Norplan office
2 jan.2012 Macbook Air Norplan office, Abrar, 1 and director RuWatSIP.
1   Laser printer, black white copier, automatic feed scanner,
Muratec MFX 1950
Norplan office/store
1   Small laser printer, portable, Dell Norplan office/ mobile
2 Dec.2012 120 m well dippers cables. geophysical equipment. Handed to Dacaar for measuring deep boreholes
1 Jan 13 MacPowerbook, 15" Norplan/Stoveland for web / graphics
2 23. March 2013
24th Sept.13
1 TB mobile external harddisc for file backup
Mobile for backup of dropbox and web

Used Norplan HQ/ Stoveland
also second harddisc

1 2nd April Video screen Conference room, RuWatSIP
1 2nd April Video screen

MIS-GIS office,

1 2nd April Video Screen Norplan Office,
2 16nd March13 Backup Trancent 1TB External passort harddisc Norplan Office
1 20th April13 Sony Video HDR-CX 160 and SILK Pro780DC camera stand Norplan Office
1 21 April

New Handed over to Dacaar, 15ml:152, 60ml:108,50ml Syringe:110, Filters:40 (200 of 500ml yet to be delivered)

Norplan office; 15ml:24, 60ml :24, Syringe:10, Filters 10,
2 30th April Sokkia Total Station set 2x for training in surveying and setting out of water network schemes

not yet delivereed

2 9th June Sony VPLDX100 Projectors for training courses with screens Norplan Office, Kabul
7 9th June Dell Laptops for training courses. Used laptops instead of stationary to trainin og GIS and hyrogeological courses Norplan Office.
8 8th August 2012 Procured 8 text books of Wells and Boreholes where David Banks is one of the authors. 3 distributed, 5 remaining in Norplan Office. Norplan Office Norway but in trasit to Kabul
1 21st Feb 2014 Reflex camera, EOS 700D with 18-135 mm stanard lens, incl additional flash, camera bag, and Scan disc cards Norplan Office, Kabul
1 8th Sept 2014 Mobile loudspeaker for training and sound tor training videos Norplan Office, Kabul
1 22nd Sept 2014

8" and 10" drilbits. Flowmeter for testing pimping boreholes.
One 3kW Generator
one water pump, 3"


Handed to MRRD driling team Sept. 2014

All equipment were used in Faryab but after use to MRRD store.

1 28th Sept 2014
1 28th Sept 2014
1 20th October Well logger with all equipment cleared from cultoms and ready for assembly, training and general use. Needs car for transport and use ( see news) Stored in Norplan Office from Octber 2014.
2 20th Oct. 2014 SkyHydrant, membrane filter for water treatment Stored in Norplan Kabul Office.
1 2nd Aug. 2015 Receved Toyota Highlux procured as compensation car for the landcruiser provided by RuWatSIP for well logging. Stored at MRRD, to be transferred to RUWatSIP as soon as practivally possible



Thuraya Satellite telephone Norplan office
1 August 2015 Rehabilitating MRRD landcruiser for use as well logger vehicle

MRRD compound

Keys with Norplan