Norplan Kabul Office

Draft under construction

Project news flash
RuWatSIP building. NORPLAN office in basement of the first building shown above.
Project team outside RuWatSIP building in MRRD

Norplan staff outside RuWatSIP building at Ministry of Rural Rehabilitaiton and development. (MRRD)

Norplan Kabuls offices are located in the basement in the building behind Eng. Abrar, Prof. Eqrar, Eng Nordbo, ; hydrogeologist D. Banks and Antroprolog Eikaas.

NEW GIS-MIS Office in RuWatSIP

The NORPLAN office in RuWatSIP was crowed but now the office next door where the old archive used to be for RuWatSIP has been decorated and furnished for the GIS MIS activiities in RuWatSIP.

Now all GIS- MIS personnel in RuWatSIP can sit together in one office for ease of coordination and planning.

Photo show Prof. Zhrinkhail now in his new office with dep. team leader Abrar Norplan, the water tracker expert Rashid and the MIS asistant Amanuddin both the latter from RuWatSIP.

Office ready for use in March 2013 with key furniture in place.

NORPLAN main office
Wide view on the Norplan office main room. Abrar, Dave, Ramzia, Eqrar and Nordbo
Project news flash

Two older Toyota Corolla car has served the office while waiting for the procured cars to be cleared from the customa office.

The only advantage with the cars shown are that they are common and inconspicuous and that is good for security.

Conference room facilities in RuWatSIP

Project core team in discussions in conference room in RuWatSIP ´´MRRD

From Right anticlockwise around the table: team leader Dr. Svein Stoveland, Training man. A Nordbø, Nat. training expert Prof. Eqrar., Gender and Conflict expert: Elisabeth Eikaas. MIS assistant, Mamudin, Eng. Jall MRRD, Leendert Visjelaar, Dacaar, Hydrogeo. Hassan, Dacaar, David Banks, Norplan, Dr, Naib Taib MRRD . Deputy team leader Naqibullah Abrar behind the camera. Key persons missing from photo: Proj. Coord. A.A. Safi, Dir. RuwatSIP Ghulam Qader

Store faciliteis for NORPLAN
In the centre of the stairs a store has been constructed so that procured equipment can be procured and stored till needed in the project.
Norplan Reception Area
Constructign a particion wall made room for the reception areas.where all visitors are registered and drivers also have space for a rest while waiting for next assignment