Online Hydrogeological Maps covering FARYAB province

Faryab online map below.

For test maps for other provinces: (Click)



Web maps cover Faryab province as the project pilot province.

The maps are presented to illustrate how all province can be covered with information on ground water sources in Afghanistan


Different maps covers:

Water points showing:-

- Type of water point
- Water quality (EC)
- Dept to static water level
- Wells and drilling reports/logs

- Geology
- Satellite images


Source of data:

- DACAAR water points
- MRRD data
- Russian hydrogeological maps

Different layers of information will be added continuously as dynamic on-line maps


For on-line maps please click on maps below

The maps are on-line and linked to ESRI's ArcGSI Online utility and also linked to their high resolution
satellite images. It is also possible to view the maps on-line by going to ArcGIS entry point shown below.

link to ArcGIS on-line Faryab Maps group.

If off-line of slow Internet click here for snapshots of maps which illustrate information content

In the open space below the ON-LINE maps will appear
- just be a little patient and the maps will appear !