Online Hydrogeological Maps for Provnces other than Faryab

Online Hydrogeological Maps Covering Balkh and Nangarhar Provinces

NORPLAN Afghanistan with direct support of International experts in the fields of Hydrogeology and GIS had already worked on preparing online maps for Faryab province accessible via:

To make this activity sustainable and to have similar output using this new technology of online maps, two more provinces selected to produce maps based on their existing hydrogeological data. RuWatSIP technical people with support of NORPLAN and DACAAR GIS and data management experts started this activity by combining and clarifying Hydrogeology and waterpoints data records for Balkh and Nangarhar provinces.

Drafts of online maps for both provinces would put online while progressing.



Web maps cover Nangahar and Balkh provinces

Source of data:

- DACAAR water points
- WSG database


Development headed by Prof Zarinkhail



For snapshots of online maps developed


Water Points in Nangahar Water Point in Balkh