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Prof Zarinkhail


Professor Zarinkhail




Project Geographical Information System

Before 2012

RuWatSIP had a MIS unit handling project information needed for planning and reporting project information. The project information covered more administrative and non- technical issues.

RuWatSIP has received the earlier DACAAR database which was renamed WSG database covering information about rural water supplies. RuWatSIP had not had the expertise nor the capacity to use and update this database.

Capacity building project for Hydrogeology. HGS project.

When the NORAD funded HGS project started, experts started to review and design a GIS framework for the hydrogeological information. It was found that the expertise in RuWatSIP as now there for capacity building, GIS is quite complicated data software to be handles. At the same time is as noted that UNICEF had decided to support to develop the information system for rural water supplies. For this they would collect data covering water supply functionality, service coverage and water quality. UNICEF was about to engage a consultant ARTS to assist with the design of the MIS GIS system they required.

Discussions between UNICEF, NORPLAN and RuWatSIP ended up with NORPLAN requesting NORAD to support a full time MIS-GIS adviser to coordinate both the UNICEF and the NORAD financed activities. This made since since the technical systems, institutional arrangements, training needs and system operations was much complementary and could be handled in the same institutional framework.

December 2012 Prof Zarinkhail joins NORPLAN `and RuWatSIP to head MIS -GIS unit.

Since December Zarinkhail has familiarized himself with the systems, been updated in what has been developed before his arrival on the HGS project.

In parallel, UNICEF has engaged ARTS to developed the water supply WSG database framework and Zarinkhail has coordinated this work.

At the end of April, the software and hardware was in place for serious work to start. A separate office has been renovated and furnished by NORPLAN and the GIS-MIS unit is now functional.

At the end of May 2013, Prof Zarinkhail and deputy team leader N. Abrar in Norplan, traveled to the NORPLAN office in Abu Dhabi to have an introduction and discussion of to best organize the transformation of the GIS maps to Web based maps.


The photo show the team in the GIS- MIS office Unit