GIS Design for Hydrogeologial Maps

project gis-mis unit is now functional

The Project GIS-MIS unit has map products for users and stakeholders. These products are developed from the project Desktop GIS. It shows updated data for Faryab province groundwater and water quality. This data is mostly taken from our implementing agency, DACAAR. Project senior hydro-geologist, Mr David Banks, had worked to clarify this data.

The design of the system and definition of information to be displayed on the hydrogeological map is in good progress but not yet finished. The detailed which should be displayed can be defined in layers of information. There are also technical information which can be displayed quite accurately. The development and display formats are shown below on this page which other key design criteria are show inseparate pages including:

- Intended functionality of GIS and WebGIS

The types of maps can shown below can be categorised as

  1. Water Resources ( hydrogeological data)
  2. Water supply, coverage, functionality, service coverage.





( to be developed)



Hydrogeological maps with proposed color coding and shading patterns to reflect standard information as protrayed. Click on icon to the left to download excel file to see more details as descsribed. (Rev. Oct. 2013)


RuWatSIP Database covering wells: www.misgis.mrrd-ru-watsip-org


Page under constrution and more infor will follow soon. Rev. 8th August 2013

Head of GIS-MIS unit in RuWatSIP is Prof. S. Zarihkhail

Brief introduction to the drafted Maps below.

The information covering water resources and water supply will be developed in a database system. The different types of information is placed in different layers and can be gathered and prepared for display in a PC screen, on printed maps and on Web maps ( t be developed) Much of the same data is used for different types of maps as can be illustrated. On the PC you can click and include information at different layers at will and print out only the information you need. This is the system now under development about to be established in RuWatSIP. Scale and type of maps will vary depending on whether we need a particular district or the whole province.

Below, we have presented some of the maps and map format under construction. The data covers mainly Faryab province ( at present) and is extracted from the WSG /DACAAR database, data has been cleaned and supplemented with additional data by the current HGS project. Below are some of the map formats presented for use in the development process.

(We have tried to put the latest versions of the designed maps closest to the top of the page)

Administrative and policical maps March 2014 ( latest)
Political map showing national, provincial and district boundaries
Physiography of Faryab province

Map showing Geological formations
Rev: 27.07.13

Rev: 27.07.13

Geological Units MAP:FARYAB PROVINCE plus Ghormach Disrtict

Revised design, September 2013.v Geo_.04
Revised design, October 2013 for final discussions and adjustments of attributes, colors and shadings.. Click on map, left, for a larger display)
Provincial administrative map. Revised 24th NOvember 2013.

Revised geological map. 21st Nov 13.

Click on map to enlarge.

Examples of Hydrogeological Maps for a PASTUN KOTdistrict
Location Map for PaSTUN KOT. Rev. Sept.13
Geological Map for PASTUN KOT. REV. Sept. 2013

Draft Maps showing depth of water
Provincial map showing static water level in meters below ground level for Faryab, Rev: 27.07.13

Example of first draft of well depth. From Gurzwan district.

This presentation will be further developed, iikely to display contors showing depts in different areas. Not yet available. Rev: 10.06.13

Draft Maps showing electricical conductivity of of water samples found in Faryab
Electrical conductivity Polygon Map, VO1, Rev: 27.07.13

Geological Units MAP:FARYAB PROVINCEplus Ghormach Disrtict

Showing electrical conductivity in water sampled at specific borewells ( mju-s-cm), Rev: 27.07.13

Electrical conductivity - line or vector map, Rev: 27.07.13

Examples of Hydrogeological Maps for a ALMAR district.
- example Almar

District location map with boreholes and static water level, Rev: 18th Sept13.


Static water level map for ALMAR with , Rev: 27.07.13
Electrical conductivity map with countlours, Rev: 27.07.13
Electrical conductivity wells map, Rev: 27.07.13
District geologocal map, Rev: 27.07.13
District geologocal map, Rev: 18.09.13 showing Electrical conductivity in wells ( same geological information as provincial map)

Draft Administrative Provincial Maps
Districts in Provincial boundaries
(click on map left for enlargement) Rev: 10.06.13
District boundaries in Faryab province showing main river system,
(click on map left for enlargement) Rev: 10.06.13

Location of Settlements

Rev: 27.07.13


Draft Maps showing LOCATION of Springs, Dug Wells, and Drilled Boreholes
Location of springs.
Note that springs are generally only found in the southern part of Faryab province.
(click on map left for enlargement) Rev: 10.06.13
Location of dug wells

(click on map left for enlargement) Rev: 10.06.13
Location of drilled boreholes

(click on map left for enlargement) Rev: 10.06.13