Data collection and processing

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Data management is very important for in order to give updated and accurate information about ground water resources in Afghanistan. The number of organizations involved in data collection is very few. In the rural water supply sector, DACAAR has made a pioneering work. All the technical data collected by DACCAR was transferred to MRRD and the new database was called the WSG database for rural water sully. For all districts and provinces to be covered, consistent data collection and data processing is important in order to reach all rural people with effective development of drinking water supplies.

MRRD is responsible for rural water supplies and as such is the principal user of hydrogological information for development of rural water supplies. MEW has recently been given the responsible for managing of ground water supplies in Afghanistan in addition of surface water resources. It is thus important that all produces of information work closely for sharing information so as to make good hydrogeological maps for the whole country.

The produces of data are often very different organizations from the organizations using the data. This is important to appreciate particularly when preparing information, maps and reports covering ground water resources so that all potential users can find the information they need for effective development of water resources for rural water supplies.

In th diagram below the key produces and users of ground water information is illustrated, while in the figure above, the activities required for data management is illustrated.