Damqul Village - settlement


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Description of field visit in April 2013 by MRRD, RRD, NORPLAN and DACAAR representatives.

Damqul settlement areas sees to consist of 4 small villages with up to 100 families in each village. The pictures below show location of the villages in relation to Maymane City that the existing satellite photos does now show the recently constructed houses.

During the field visit to the area, the construction of new mud houses could be seen everywhere. The water supply consisted of a few installed handpumps and carrying of water in plastic containers to the houses by children or by donkeys.

It was said that the further away from the Maymane river, the more salty the drinking water was it was claimed. During the visit water samples were collected for analysis by DACAAR

The team visited Damqul agreed that this settlement area seemed positively to be a candidate for settlement area to be included for the NORAD funded Hydro geology project for water supply and sanitation planning.

Below, Damqul village is shown in relation to Maymane and the spread of the settlement area. Ground water seems available for serving the community. Some private houses has private wells fitted with motorised pump as shown in one photo below where water is being tasted my MRRD engineer Naeem.

Assuming the PDC endorse this to be one of the priority areas for water supply development, follow up discussions will be conducted with the province for further the next stage in the planning process.



Preliminary survey very positive to including Damqul for prioritised development.

Maymane City Approximate settlement in Damqul
Village nearest Maymane Houses under construction and with lined hole for collecting water for house construction
Village further east Children operating and collecting water
MRRD waster engineer Naeem testing water from a private motorised borehole in Damqul located near to Maymane River Much used transporter for drinking water in Damqul area.