ANSA: Focal point for Quality Control and Quality Assurance for Water Testing Laboratoires


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Minutes of meetings:



Facilities at ANSA
ANSA meeting hall New building in many different laboratories New Water lab nearly ready. Advanced equipment ready for installation

ANSA Leading Role

Meeting for QC at labs. Dir. Dr. Khateer chairing

ANSA: Role and Responsibility:

The GOA will aim at developing accredited water testing laboratories in th future in line with international quality control standards. A new national accreditation body will be established. In the interim, ANSA will be the focal point for Afghanistan in developing a quality control framework for water testing laboratories. ANSA is well suited to take the lead as it is already in negotiation to have some of its own laboratories accredited under the Turkish Accreditation Office. Deputy Director, Dr. Khateer will be leading the development for ANSA. ( see some of their new facilities )

Time of meetings in ANSA for QC system for Water Labs.
Schedule of Events
  • 19th February 2014; First meeting discussing establishment of QWC framework
  • 13 May: Meeting agreed to establish QC framework and agreed on general road map
  • 3rd-4th June: Consultative committee meeting followed by Workshop for developing of Work plans. Organization for QC system endorsed, 2 working groups established, member organizations named for Consultive committee and work groups.
  • 17th December 2014

Organization Framework agreed:
Organization framework

ANSA to chair and lead main committee.

Working groups:

  • GIS/ Norplan to lead policy development workshop
  • DACAAR/WHO to lead technical and capacity building working group.

Agreed General Workplan for Consultative committee and Working groups


action plan

Members of the Consultative Committee
QC lab. CC members

Chairman and focal point: ANSA, dir Dr. Khateer

Members: Laboratory owners;ANSA, MRRD, MoPH, MEW, AUWSSC, VICC, DACAAR, MoM (AGS), KA Laboratories, Kabul University,

Key supporting organizations: UNICEF, WHO, Norplan, GIZ,

Key resource persons to be listed...