geophysical equipment in use in Afghanistan


Not complete. To be compiled as hydrogeological project proceeds.
Syscal pro equipment RuWatSIP has two units with software, plus cabelling for electric resistivity analysis
Well logger UNICEF has provided a well logger which unfortunately has not been used much so far. The hydrogeological project will investigate how this unit can be mobilised for use.
Unpacking geovista well logging equipment at MRRD,
Well loggers

It was observed that MEW has 3 well loggers with varying degree of equipment. THis is similar to the equipment to be procured by MRRD for training and drilling exploration work. Once this information was available, many were interested in practical training on use of well logging equipmnet.

Syscal pro equipment DACAAR has one syscal pro unit in regular use.

New GeoVIsta well logging equipment. DACAAR procured the same logging systemm as MRRD but with slightly different tools.

Click to see DACAAR logger.